Your Detroit weekend reading list: More than two headlines

Woodward Gardens Residential Project Under Construction

It’s been one of the busiest weeks in Detroit news in recent memory. A former mayor of the city was found guilty on multiple charges and days later an Emergency Manager was came to Detroit.

Woodward Gardens Residential Project Under ConstructionBut Metro Detroit spins madly on. The aforementioned are important stories (we’ve put together a reading list on the Emergency Manager here) but there is more to the Detroit story than those two headlines.

Our image this week to the right shows some of the progress so far on what will be close to 50 new residential units at the corner of Selden and Woodward in Midtown. If you decide to make this Woodward Gardens project your new home, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra would be your neighbor across the street. Thanks to Dig Downtown for the picture.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your 12 links the team put together about Detroit for you to check out this weekend.

Midtown’s boys in blue

Hour: In 1966, Wayne State University established the police force as an extension of the university. Six officers made up the initial force, each sworn in as Detroit police officers commissioned under state law. Much has remained the same over the years. Each officer boasts a bachelor’s degree or better, with 70 percent holding advanced degrees. Much has changed, too. The Cass Corridor has been cleaned up and rebranded as “Midtown.” The days of pimps and prostitutes prowling the streets have made way for hip restaurants, boutiques, culturally rich nightlife, and plenty of new residents. Now, WSU is one of the safest college campuses in the Midwest.

Journey into the Heidelberg Project

HuffPost Detroit: As a native Detroiter, I often marvel at the complexities of my beloved City. Historically, Detroit is a city of originality giving birth to the auto industry, the civil rights movement, great music, great art and culture and so much more. While I was aware of Detroit’s history on some level, I like most Detroiters, took our history for granted, least to say anything about new history in the making. The day my life changed was in June 1993 when I took a (seemingly) wrong turn down Heidelberg Street on Detroit’s East Side, arguably one of the least desirable areas in Detroit.

Unmanned aircraft to generate 965 Michigan jobs by 2018, 1,400 by 2025

Detroit CBS Local: The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International unveiled new economic data predicting that the unmanned aircraft industry will create more than 965 new jobs in Michigan the first three years following the integration of unmanned aircraft systems into U.S. national airspace system in 2015. Beyond the first three years, the study projects that more than 1,426 new jobs will be created in Michigan by 2025.

Detroit coach gives kids a fighting chance

NBC News: Khali Sweeney, a boxing trainer on Detroit’s east side, paced the cement floor and stared at the clock. It was 4 p.m. and just a handful of his 65 students had shown up for class. “We usually pick the kids up from school. But we ran out of money this month. No cash for gas,” he said. Even outsiders could tell that this gym operates in a bleak place with scarce resources. But the coach meant something else. He didn’t want anyone to think that he was complaining or looking for a handout. The 43-year-old Detroit native has a strict code of conduct.

Explore Detroit with the Field Trip app

Detroit Moxie: Field Trip, the location-based app built by Google’s Niantic Labs, is now available for the iPhone and iPad. The app came out last fall but was only available for Android until now. The beautifully designed app is so cool—it’s like having your private tour guide in your pocket You can customize the notifications and your interests for a completely personalized experience. The app will even take you on a “Field Trip” while you’re driving around town—the app talks to you about the cool and unique places around you.

Why an ad agency moving to Detroit is freaking out suburbanites and why it shouldn’t

Jalopnik: The advertising agency Campbell-Ewald, which had the Chevrolet account for almost 90 years, announced they were relocating to Detroit from Warren, an inner-ring suburb whose mayor recently claimed is a “cleaner and safer city” than Detroit. A region needs a strong core to thrive. A region cannot — and will not — thrive if every tiny municipality in the region seeks to duke it out with one another over jobs. Detroit, although not the regional driver it could be, is where it needs to be. Detroit attracting its suburbs business, and not new out-of-state businesses, isn’t a bad thing. Regionalism is going to be necessary for Detroit to experience any sort of real, visible turnaround, and when it does happen, the effects on the region will be visible and most likely profound. Detroit No. 5 in nation in tech job listing growth

Technology Report with Matt Roush: Detroit has become the only two-time winner on the top five list of fastest growing tech cities, according to the New York City tech job site Detroit was No. 5 on the list this year, with year-over-year growth of 10 percent in tech job listings. Detroit was No. 1 on the list in 2011.

Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue, Detroit’s last freestanding one, launches fundraising campaign

MLive: The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue (IADS), the last freestanding synagogue in Detroit, launched this week a fundraising campaign with a $60,000 goal. The funds will be used to match $60,000 raised from private donors and will go toward interior and exterior improves to the 92-year-old building in the city’s Capitol Park area downtown.

From 1985 to 2013 Coven 13 infuses metal sound into Michigan music scene

Examiner: After leaving behind the bright lights of Los Angeles, Roger Cyrkeil returned to Detroit, Michigan in 1985. That decision to leave the city angels would end up resulting in the formation of Coven 13. Fast forward to 2013, Coven 13 is still making a large impression on the Michigan music industry today.

Gilbert’s Federal Reserve Building has new retail rendering

Curbed Detroit: The future of Detroit’s Federal Reserve Bank Building is here. Dan Gilbert added the Fed to his skyscraper stash in early 2012, but this retail-centric rendering is the first new info we’ve seen. It looks like design duties will be handed to ROSSETTI Architects, whose Downtown work includes the Compuware Building, Greektown Casino, and the renovations within the Chase Tower.

Street Beat takes on health issues in Detroit

CW50-TV: This week on Street Beat, Host Rob Stone of WYCD takes a look at health concerns facing metro Detroiters. 11-year old Andrew Kijek was one of the first participants at Georgia Health Sciences University first-ever FDA trial on the use of cord blood stem cells for cerebral palsy. Deborah Johnson, president of the Careforward Foundation, talks about the Carnival of CARE, a one day event that celebrates and honors those whose lives have been impacted by catastrophic injury. Peggy Shriver from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society shares information about an upcoming fundraiser to support the society. Laura Dyas & Eric James Hodson from the Scleroderma Foundation explain the issues facing those who are living with Scleroderma.

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