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Wayne County home to about 30,000 new jobs in 2012


Michigan’s oldest incorporated county is also home to a lot of new jobs.

The economic center of Michigan that is the Detroit region also includes Wayne County, and it’s been on the upswing on the job front. (According to a Bridge Michigan report, 51% of all economic activity in Michigan happens in the Detroit MSA.)

Detroit Skyline Sunset over downtown DetroitIn the first six months of 2012, Wayne County saw new jobs grow by 18,000 and, when all the data comes in, the county (which includes the City of Detroit) will be home to about 30,000 new jobs. This data is from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Wayne County.

Here’s another stunner to those who may say the Detroit area doesn’t matter to the rest of the state. According to Wayne County, 38% of all investment in the State of Michigan has occurred in Wayne County alone since 2009, as well as 41% of all the new jobs.

Ford Motor Company is the county’s largest employer, but its large Southeastern Michigan expansion (to the tune of $773 million dollars) isn’t the only engine of economic growth.

Map of Detroit Region Aerotropolis

Map of Detroit Region Aerotropolis. Click image to enlarge.

Some of these new jobs can be found at the Detroit Region Aerotropolis. It’s an investment area centered around the intersection of I-94 and I-274, spanning roughly from Willow Run Airport to Detroit Metro Airport. Some Wayne County communities it includes are Huron Township, Van Buren Township and Romulus.

Companies like GE Aviation, Inergy, and BROSE North America were cited as success stories. BROSE alone is investing $60 million over the next five years, which will create 450 new jobs.

It’s fitting to round out a healthy report we talk about the health sector. Health care also has been a growth area with close to $1 billion invested in projects located in Wayne County.

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