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Let’s celebrate the 113th birthday of Detroit art icon Corrado Parducci

One of the things lots of people note about Detroit is the architecture. Have you ever wondered who was responsible for the architectural decoration for buildings like the Guardian, Penobscot and Buhl buildings Downtown or Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak? Well, his name is Corrado Parducci.

Corrado’s posthumous birthday is coming up and there’s a party! Who doesn’t want to party?

The Parducci Society and Detroit Drunken Historical Society are throwing birthday party for Parducci, who would have been 113 years old this year. Both groups wanted to celebrate the life of a man who helped make some of Detroit’s most iconic buildings special.

I often wonder what my favorite buildings would look like if Corrado Parducci had never come to Detroit in 1924. I don’t think we would have the amazing Native American sculptures on the Guardian or Penobscot Buildings. We wouldn’t have the great comedy and tragedy faces on the Music Hall. Oh, and the Masonic Temple? The interior decoration would have been completely different. His work speaks volumes and yet to many he is unknown.

I had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer Baross from the Parducci and, while I was interested in learning about the party, I was even more interested in talking to another person who loves Parducci’s work as much as I do. Her wealth of knowledge about him will come in handy when she speaks about his work the birthday party on March 14. I can’t wait to hear her, not to mention spend some times in one of the buildings that Parducci worked on.

So let me tell you a bit more about this birthday party the Parducci Society and Detroit Drunken Historical Society are hosting. It’s on March 14 at Sky Bar in the David Stott Building. The festivities start at 7:00 pm, and there will be some surprise favors for all of the guests. The David Stott Building is at 1150 Griswold Street, Detroit, Michigan 48226. Here’s the event on Facebook you can RSVP, but anyone is welcome to attend.

See folks? History doesn’t have to be boring!

Parducci Detroit Pictures

Parducci work on the Guardian Building in downtown Detroit

Parducci work on the Guardian building entrance in downtown Detroit

Guardian building Parducci detail

Guardian building Parducci detail

Music Hall Parducci detail photo

Music Hall detail

Buhl Building Parducci Detail

Buhl Building Detroit Parducci detail

Buhl Building column detail

Buhl Building column detail

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