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Campbell Ewald’s move to downtown Detroit highlights changing tastes for the new generation of work

Campbell Ewald Raw Space at Ford Field

102-year-old ad agency Campbell Ewald is the latest player to move to Downtown Detroit recently in a rush of local firms, tech companies and creative firms relocating their offices to Detroit’s core. That’s resulted in more than 10,000 jobs coming to the neighborhood since 2010.

CEO and Chairman Bill Ludwig cited the culture of creativity as the principal motivator behind the move … not financial incentive, tax breaks or any other fiscal motivator.

“Detroit is a hotbed of aspiring creative and entrepreneurial talent and we want to be part of that energy, and participate in the city’s comeback.” said Bill Ludwig.

The old J.L. Hudson building adjacent to Ford Field is the ideal space to perpetuate the necessary spirit of creativity and interconnectivity  the 600 employees of Campbell Ewald are searching for. With a central atrium and open space, the renderings show a design with ample opportunity for creative collaboration and information sharing. The previously empty space is going to provide the ideal venue for Campbell Ewald to spend another century in southeast Michigan.

That’s part of why the core of Detroit’s turnaround is starting to stick despite the day-to-day drama and the impending appointment of an emergency financial manager. Campbell Ewald CEO Bill Ludwig said it “he did not” have reservations about moving Downtown during the fiscal crisis.

“I’ve spent my entire career here in Michigan and every year I’ve wanted to come down here and work,” he said. “Every year there is another crisis in Detroit, and you know, we are a pretty tough crowd.”

“We are a tough, hard-working, very persevering agency and we are a very resilient agency. We belong in Detroit.”

The move from the suburb of Warren marks a new chapter in the agency’s history. Since 2011 the agency has added The University of Michigan, PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company), Zipcar and Consumers Energy to its already impressive list that includes brands such as The United States Navy, Kaiser Permanente and General Motors.

Campbell Ewald’s move serves as a reminder of a lesson being learned around the country. Walkable, energetic, dense, strong, vibrant and dynamic surroundings are what workers and companies want more and more. The more ways we can support the idea of urbanism … and areas that enhance the flow creativity and ideas in the new millennium … the better the southeast Michigan region will become.

Campbell Ewald Downtown Detroit Photos

Campbell Ewald Raw Space at Ford Field

Campbell Ewald will have plenty of open space to work with at their new downtown Detroit location


This skylight is going to be an amazing part of the new Campbell Ewald Space

Campbell Ewald raw floor

Raw floor plate to be developed

Renderings of Campbell Ewald ad agency space

Renderings of Campbell Ewald ad agency space

Campbell Ewald new space announcement with rendering in background

Campbell Ewald Space in Detroit

Rendering of the outside of Ford Field Campbell Ewald Space

Rendering of the outside of Ford Field Campbell Ewald Space

Campbell Ewald Employees Wait To See Their New Raw Space Downtown

Campbell Ewald employees waiting to see their new space downtown

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