Detroit Mayor will not appeal Governor’s Emergency Financial Manager decision

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Detroit Mayor Dave Bing released the statement (included below) today noting that “We need to end the drama and in-fighting and understand that whether we like it or not, an Emergency Financial Manager is coming to Detroit.”

“Since the Governor’s declaration of a financial emergency in Detroit last Friday, I have carefully considered all of the options available to me as Mayor of this City. Most importantly, I have carefully considered what is in the best interest of the citizens of Detroit.

Mayor Dave Bing“I’ve held numerous meetings with various members of City Council to discuss the appeal process.  I tried to figure out a way to support the Council in their efforts to appeal the Governor’s decision and to challenge the Financial Review Team’s assertion that we did not have a plan in place to fiscally stabilize the City.  I, like the Council, categorically disagree with that assertion.

“However, when it became clear to me that the Council wanted to go further and request a hearing to appeal the pending appointment of an Emergency Manager or request an enhanced consent agreement— I decided that the fighting must stop now. We need to end the drama and in-fighting and understand that whether we like it or not, an Emergency Financial Manager is coming to Detroit.  Although I continue to be opposed to the appointment of an Emergency Financial Manager, I must be realistic in accepting the fact that the Governor more than likely will appoint an EFM.

“We need to spend our time working with the State and the EFM to move our key initiatives forward, which are designed to improve public services and the overall quality of life for the citizens of our City.  We must focus on working together so that we can remove the need for an Emergency Manager in the required 18 months.  Otherwise, it will be a more elongated and painful process. I did not arrive at this decision lightly.  And this decision does not mean that I am turning the keys to our City over to the State … or throwing in the towel.  It is simply a fight we cannot win at the 11th hour — in a 30-minute appeals hearing.

“We must take the most productive course of action, so as not to prolong a battle, knowing what the outcome will be.  Leadership requires making tough — and sometimes unpopular decisions.  And as the leader of this City, I must make the best decisions for our citizens.

And to that end, I will continue to lead this City and work with the State and the Emergency Manager to implement my reform initiatives to ultimately improve the lives of Detroiters.”

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