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Detroit Going Down The Road To An Emergency Manager: Stories Across The Web


Rick Snyder DetroitUnspun File PhotoIt seems all the mayor’s horses and all the councilmen couldn’t put Detroit’s finances back together again.

Gov. Rick Snyder today ended speculation about his decision concerning the appointment of an emergency manger for the city of Detroit. Citing what he calls “runaway deficits and long-term debts,” he made the announcement today on Wayne State University’s campus. Although he did not name the manager today, he did say he has someone in mind.

Detroit City Council now has 10 days to appeal the decision.

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Detroit On The Road To An Emergency Manager

The City of Detroit with a budget deficit of about $327 million and more than $14 billion in long-term obligations was told it’s the end of the line as far as waiting for an Emergency Manager. Here’s coverage from around the web.

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State set to takeover Detroit city government@CNNMoney March 1, 2013: 10:21 AM ET Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is set to announce that the state will take over the operations of Detroit…
Snyder Says Detroit Needs Emergency Manager to End Fiscal CrisisMichigan Governor Rick Snyder plans to name an emergency manager to handle Detroit ‘s fiscal crisis, stripping power from local officials…
Michigan Will Take Over Detroit; Snyder Has "Top Candidate" for Emergency Manager in MindRebecca Cook/Reuters The other shoe has dropped: the Detroit city government will be forced to cede its authority to an emergency manager…
Editorial: With an emergency manager for Detroit, let the tough work beginPick the right person for the job, someone who can balance budgets but can also get buy-in from city workers, officials, elected official…
Snyder’s vision for Detroit under EM: Turnover, not invasionIf you think Gov. Rick Snyder is naming an emergency manager for Detroit so he can impose his will on the city, listen to how he answered…
Snyder: Detroit In Financial Emergency; Emergency Manager Is ComingIn a historic and controversial transformation, Gov. Rick Snyder made it clear Friday an emergency manager will take control of Detroit g…
All of Michigan wants to see #Detroit recover. This is much more than a city issue. #efm #governorsnyderMark Gilman
Just about go time. #Detroit #EFM Archer
Here’s the TV studio where Gov. @onetoughnerd will make his announcement on a #Detroit #EFM at noon. #DDay Helms
Glad Rick Snyder (although I’m not a fan of) is appointing a emergency financial manager for #detroit SPAZXS
As 60-plus years Detroit resident I hate having emergency manager but hate worse circumstances that have us in this crisis. WHATEVER HELPS!!Mike O’Hara
Lifelong #Detroiter: Super excited for the Emergency Financial Manager. In the Nerd we trust. #Detroit #EFM #Takeover #cutthefat #Leggonadir
Gov. Rick Snyder thinks it would take an emergency manager to take 18 months to put plan in place to fix issues, not fix them in that time.Bill Shea
I agree with the governor people….sorry but #Detroit is struggling harder than I’ve ever seen in life #EFMHarvey Jennings II
Could public safety improve under #EFM? Snyder says more creative solutions and reducing costs could even improve serviceHuffPostDetroit
@onetoughnerd about to announce #PopeEmeritus will be named #Detroit #EFMBiff Romney
It’s unbelievable #nerds #efm #aintnobobygottimeforthatAnna Raye Murray
@FreepOpinion @freep Unions and Det. City Council need to stop the suits and let @onetoughnerd do his job. #righttowork #EFM Stupid ppl!Kate Sturgill
Clinton n Gingrich for co-efm, winning combo #detroit #efm #buhbyecitycouncilvic
In the Green Room at Fox 2 News, waiting to #LetItRip about #Detroit’s finances. The state’s debt numbers are exaggerated. No need for #EFM.Lisa L. Howze
@onetoughnerd Good luck today and lets start fixing Detroit! #EFM #FixDetroitWilliam W Welz II
Joanne (The Law) Watson goin’ OFF about voter rights…While I scramble to turn down the volume of my headset. #Detroit #EFM #DEVASTATIONWill Lancour
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says Detroit is in a ‘financial emergency’ (with images, tweets) · MLiveBelow is reaction on Twitter about Snyder’s declaration that took place noon Friday at the Detroit Public TV studios on Wayne State Unive…

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