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New book from The Henry Ford tells children to be an innovator like Rosa Parks


For a society to continue and thrive its history must be passed on to the younger generations.  This may be why The Henry Ford put together an educational activity book for children that coincides with Rosa Parks’ 100th birthday rosa_cut_outcelebration.  The book titled “Be An Innovator Like …Rosa Parks” talks about the civil rights pioneer’s stand against injustice and is aimed at students between kindergarten and fifth grade.

The book, which is shaped like the Rosa Parks bus on display at The Henry Ford, aims to grab children’s attention and keep it through interaction. It’s broken down into activities that teach children milestone historic events in the lives of Parks and other social innovators both past and present. It’s a learn by doing kind of book that uses multiple types of media in its teaching such as photographs, mapping activities, creative visualization and writing opportunities.  It even builds vocabulary.

Readers can also write a personal letter to Parks and develop their own action plan to become a social innovator. The book even loops past and present together with a photo of President Barack Obama on the now famous bus Parks immortalized in the “Reflect and Write” section of the book.

“Rosa Parks’ story is such an inspiration for children,” says Paula Gangopadhyay, chief learning officer for The Henry Ford. “The book is filled with critical information around Rosa Parks’ life and the iconic bus, but it is packaged in a kid-friendly format, which will make learning fun.”

parksThe book is the second in a series the museum offers about innovators.  The Rosa Parks book is paired with the first book in the series on Henry Ford, which was extremely popular.

“With the current emphasis on Common Core State Standards, we feel this book will be an ideal educational resource for teachers to use with school children. The Common Core State Standards, especially in English Language Arts focus on a wide variety of communication skills that enable students to become college and career ready,” says Gangopadhyay.

The book is available at The Henry Ford’s bookshop or online.

The Henry Ford has not stopped its history lessons with fifth graders.  There is also an online lesson plan designed for middle and high school students.  The lesson plan is free and includes and activity sheets.  It can be found at the Henry Ford’s  OnInovation site.

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