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Michigan Central Station starts to get windows

It is quite a surprise to the local community. Windows have started to appear at Michigan Central Station … without announcement or fanfare.

There have been small signs of life when it comes to Michigan Central Station in the Corktown neighborhood over the last few months. Businesses like Slow’s BBQ, Sugar House, Astro Coffee, Mercury Burger Bar, Mexican Village, Honeybee La Colmena and others do well in the shadows of the vacant 1913 Beaux Arts structure. However, small improvements to the icon itself are watched with baited breath by not only Detroit’s oldest neighborhood but internationally as the building is used the world over as a sign of Detroit’s decay.

Michigan Central Station The building is now lit up at night, the American flag flies and snowflake decorations appeared during the holidays. The interior lobby is also lit at times from the inside, almost as if it were our very own Roman Coliseum.

Now you can add windows to the list. In November, Nora Maroun, wife of owner Matty Maroun, wrote on that “Work is continuously occurring in the interior to remove debris from the roof and windows in preparation to be replaced. The bids are out and we look forward to the efforts becoming more visible to all the people that have been patiently waiting! It is a long and tedious process, but we have full faith in our team that it will be done with care and respect.”

Michigan Central Station Gets WindowsObviously, there’s a long way to go when it comes to this complex, which trains to this day still run alongside. Estimates have been in the hundreds of millions to rehabilitate it. However, the Book Cadillac hotel was once left for dead after a long abandonment and it’s now a bustling Westin, and the Fort-Shelby is hopping, very much alive after years of neglect.

For some historical perspective, be sure to check out the website Historic Detroit for more of the history and old pictures of Michigan Central Station.

So watch the video of Michigan Central Station shot Thursday from Roosevelt Park and think … what could this building be in the future? What would you like to see?

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  1. Bated breath, not baited. Bated, as in "abated," or stopped, not baited like a worm on a hook!

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