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It was a lucrative softball game: Pitch For Detroit ready to give out more than $66,000 in micro grants

Pitch for Detroit

In Southeast Michigan around this time it’s hard to believe there was a time when sunshine and warm weather were not a few-day rarity.  And in this time not so long ago, despite what our brains tell us, people played sports like softball.  Well, a group called Pitch for Detroit took this trend and used it not just for recreation for rebuilding.

emvideo-youtube-LyjCOsNDwZQPitch for Detroit was created by Adam Blanck and Ben Gordon,  who brought this idea to CommunityNEXT in 2010 because they wanted the opportunity to do something meaningful for the community they love and call home. It is focused on rebuilding the city of Detroit and strengthening its Jewish population. There are two other goals … give young adults in the area a chance to reconnect with one another and their community through sport and charity … and have fun.

To do this they played a softball game last summer where people would either donate to the general fund or sponsor specific players.  This all occurred on August 26, 2012. After that game was played more than $66,000 was raised and then placed in the Do It for Detroit Fund, which aids the city through micro grants in the areas of education, hunger, art, health and environment.

HustleSo, if all this happened last August, why does it matter now?  Well, the first sequence of grants goes to those making a difference in education, and it is time to sort out who that is.  On February 9, there will be a meeting at the Woodbridge Community Youth Center, to figure out where some money goes.

Adam Blanck and Ben Gordon, Pitch For Detroit co-founders

Adam Blanck and Ben Gordon, Pitch For Detroit co-founders

The event will take place between 7-9 pm.  Participants will tour the center and then hear pitches from the top three initiatives that were picked and then vote on who gets the prizes.  The top spot gets $3,000 then the other two are given $1,000 and $500 respectively based off of where their number of votes placed them in the ranking.  That’s right. In true American democratic style, the public decides who benefits from this cash influx to the area.  Not only that … there will even be some food served.You can RSVP on Facebook or visit the Do it For Detroit Fund website for details.  Or you can even do both just to get bonus information on the organization.

Winter Blast is also happening right down the street, so you can make it a BIG night in the city! Good stuff.

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