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Treat dreams are made of this: Micro-creamery looks to expand with help of crowd funding

Treat Dreams Ice Cream in Ferndale wild flavors

Ice cream might not be the first thing on your mind now seeing as it is February. However, ice cream is the name of the game at Treat Dreams in Ferndale, and it made a big announcement the other week … it is planning to expand.

I couldn’t be more excited by this news because it has become a great addition to my downtown Ferndale neighborhood. For those of you who have not been introduced to this awesome micro-creamery, you should RUN not walk there before its closes for renovations in February. You can also catch its “Dream Machine” at one of various food truck rallies popping up around town. You may want to taste the goods before you may decide to support the creamery through its crowd funding efforts (more on that in a bit).

Treat Dreams Ice Cream Shop in Ferndale, MichiganEach Sunday the folks at Treat Dreams list that week’s featured flavors. There are always four standard flavors … Kooky Monster, Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel … plus an additional eight to nine different flavors.  If the unique flavors are not enough to get your in the door of Treat Dreams, I should also add that it offers homemade Vegan Ice Cream made out of rice milk or coconut milk.  It’s totally milk free.

But it isn’t just the flavor ideas that make Treat Dreams one of my favorite places to get ice cream. What I love is it makes smaller amounts of ice cream for each batch. This means the ice cream you get is fresher. There is nothing worse than going to an ice cream shop and getting ice cream covered with ice crystals or frost.

Now, let’s get back to that crowd funding thing.

After talking with Scott Moloney, the owner of Treat Dreams, I was better able to understand why the store chose to go with crowd funding for a portion of its renovation costs. “We have a very loyal base of customers who are also very social media active so I knew  many would be familiar with the concept of crowd funding,” he says.  The goal? $15,000 through an Indiegogo campaign that runs through February 14 at midnight.

Within just one day of posting the link to the campaign the effort raised $1,300. Why is this getting traction? Beyond being a part of the neighborhood (not only mine, but the region through its “Dream Machine” food truck) you can also get some pretty sweet incentives. For instance, a six- or 12-month subscription to its pint of the month club, or two tickets to a special Indiegogo supporter opening party.

However, here’s my favorite. This expansion will not only double the production space it will triple the size of the store’s dining area. That means it will be able to offer “Treat Dreams After Dark,” an adult ice cream camp.

Ferndale Treat DreamsHello, you get to make ice cream with a bunch of friends and take home your creations? Count me in.

Jennifer Roosenberg, executive director of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce, is also excited for the Treat Dreams expansion. “Not only is it going to assist the Woodward corridor, (but) Treat Dreams will become a destination place that will help increase the foot traffic for the other stores in the area.”

Treat Dreams is located at 22695 Woodward in Ferndale. The weekly ice cream flavors are listed every Sunday on its Facebook Page on the info page.

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