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Where buying something made locally meets Batman’s garage: The GIBBS Sports Amphibian

One of the coolest, most futuristic-like vehicles we came across at the Detroit auto show was the Gibbs Sports Amphibian.

The Quadski converts from a four-wheeler to a water ski in seconds.  With the simple press of a button, the wheels retract in what can only be described as a Batmobile-like fashion. What sets GIBBS apart from other land to water sports vehicles is that the Quadski can reach speeds of 45 mph. Previously, no commercially available personal sports amphibian in this country could exceed 10 mph on water.

Quadski at the North American International Auto Show Amphibious Vehicle by GIBBSBut what is the Metro Detroit connection? In September of 2012, GIBBS announced the establishment of their 54,000 sq. ft. factory in Auburn Hills. The company currently employs around 100 people there and at maximum capacity, GIBBS expects to produce twenty Quadskis per day, which could lead to hundreds of more jobs.  It took over fifteen years and over $200 million in research and develop to develop the GIBBS High Speed Amphibian.

If you want one in your driveway, the Sports Amphibian is available for purchase at a price tag of $40,000. Once production increases the market price will reduce accordingly.

Who knew you could buy local and have a vehicle fit for Batman’s garage at the same time?

Check out the video interview and amphibious shots.


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