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Here’s how the Frozen Fish Fiasco will help Detroit’s Clark Park stay open

Frozen Fish Fiasco Outdoor Hockey in Clark Park

What’s a Frozen Fish Fiasco?It’s a day of outdoor hockey fun at southwest Detroit’s Clark Park ice rink and the fourth annual Fiasco is happening this Saturday (January 26). Funds raised from the event go to the Clark Park Coalition to help keep the park open and thriving for the neighborhood kids and to help make Detroit a better place to live.

Outdoor Hockey at Clark Park as part of Frozen Fish Fiasco fundraiserGiven Detroit’s financial situation the Parks and Rec Department doesn’t have the money to maintain the rink at Clark Park.  As a result The Clark Park Coalition (CPC) was formed back in 1991 to partner with the city to keep the park and its ice rink opened.  During the past two decades the coalition started a hockey organization for local kids who play for free and the CPC also has covered the cost of ice time and equipment.  Without the coalition most of the players in the Clark Park Hockey Association could not afford to be on the ice and enjoy this great hometown Detroit game.

How can you help? Come to Clark Park and join in the day’s winter carnival-like festivities.  A silent auction runs until 5:00 pm with proceeds going to the Clark Park Coalition (CPC).  There will be many great items to bid on including sports collectibles signed by Red Wing and Tiger greats, golf packages, sports equipment from event sponsor Perani’s Hockey World, your own private Party Bus and jewelry for your Valentine’s Day Sweetheart.  There will also be a 50/50 fundraiser raffle during each game.

Donations of youth hockey equipment will also be collected at the Fiasco for use by neighborhood children who become members of the Clark Park Hockey Association.

The Fiasco started with a couple Detroit hockey guys in a men’s beer league looking for a unique and fun place for their teams to play a game between a bunch of buddies who really enjoy their ice time together.  They thought what better place to play than on an outdoor rink? Many of them played serious hockey growing up both at the college and pro levels, and when you ask lifelong hockey players what they enjoyed most about hockey as a kid, they’ll tell you playing pick-up pond hockey for hours just having a ball pretending to be their favorite National Hockey League player.

So when Nick Even and Dominic Riggio heard about the rink at Clark Park they jumped at the chance to schedule a game outdoors (like hockey was meant to be played) and four years ago they kicked off the inaugural “Frozen Fish Fiasco.’’  They came up with the name because they wanted something memorable and something that shouted this is a fun time.

Group shot of Frozen Fish Fiasco at Clark ParkWhat started out as a once a year opportunity to be kids again playing the sport they love on the only outdoor rink in Hockeytown, USA, the Frozen Fish Fiasco has become a serious effort to help give back to the Detroit community. Four years ago the Even’s and Riggio’s teams passed the hat and collected $500 from the players to support the coalition’s efforts. This year the Fiasco has set a goal to raise $10,000 for the group.  Reaching the fund-raising goal for this year’s event is especially important because the city can no longer provide support and the Coalition has a bigger tab to pick-up to cover the operating costs for the rink and the hockey association.

This is a fun neighborhood event and it’s for a great cause … helping youth hockey in Detroit and helping to preserve historic Clark Park.

The Fourth Annual Fiasco has been expanded to five hockey games. Three games are played by Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League teams (player ages 11 – 14). The Mite game at 12:30 pm is between 8 year olds from Livonia and Clark Park.  The grand finale game starts at 3:00 pm between the event’s organizing men’s teams – the Cedar Point Carp and the Faurcia Wahlers, who are the defending Fiasco champs.

Here’s the schedule for the Frozen Fish Fiasco:  

Saturday, January 26, 2013 from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Games are at 10:00 am; 11:15 am; 12:30 pm; 1:45 pm and 3:00 pm. More at  and

But that’s not all! Following the Clark Park event the friends, family and fans of all the players are welcomed to join the post-Fiasco party at the always warm House of Shamrocks on 23420 John R Road. The silent auction will end at 8:00 pm but the party at Shamrocks will continue.

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