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The Henry Ford to celebrate Rosa Parks 100th birthday

Rosa Parks in front of the iconic bus where she sat down

Every school kid knows that in December 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat when a white man tried to take it in Montgomery, Alabama. It was what would become a major point in the early civil rights movement.

Her act of courage stands as an example for all of us.

On February 4, The Henry Ford will honor Rosa Park’s 100th birthday and her inspiring life with a National Day of Courage, encouraging every American to take a stand and commit themselves to do something courageous just as Mrs. Parks did back on that day in 1955.

800px-Rosa_Parks_BusThe Henry Ford event is part of the National Day of Courage, which encourages all Americans to commit themselves to something courageous and take a stand.  The Henry Ford will be celebrating this all day with a variety of presentations including music, nationally recognized speakers and dramatic presentations.

For anyone who wants to soak in history, the actual bus Rosa Parks was on will be open and awaiting visitors to take a seat.  The bus is on permanent display, but what aren’t permanent are the hours. For this event they’re extended to 9:30 p.m. and admission is free thanks to Target.

rosaparks9Obviously, because that’s just the way life shakes out, not everyone can attend the event.  For those who can’t, Detroit Public Television comes to your aide by sending the whole day of events out live by satellite and the internet.

Also, for those who want to add to the honors, The Henry Ford Museum’s Facebook page allows others to join in by telling what courageous acts others have done in Ms. Parks’ name.

Rosa Parks National Day of Courage is sponsored by Target, Xfinity, and the USA Network’s Characters Unite Public Service campaign. For more information on National Day of Courage events please visit

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