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“Michigan is the place to be” – Snyder talks Detroit, mass transit and the future of Michigan

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder paid a visit to the Detroit Auto Show today, touring GM, Ford and Toyota. He was very upbeat and optimistic about the future of the mitten state.

Cameras and reporters followed as he walked, talked and shared his enthusiasm. Many of the announcements during NAIAS press days have included revelations about new jobs or job insourcing which translate to obvious great news for the region and state. In the governor’s words, “Michigan is the place to be.”

In our quick interview with him we discussed jobs, mass transit (and how we need to be focused on Detroit’s neighborhoods, not just midtown and downtown) and the general outlook for the future. Here’s a link to our walk and talk video with Governor Snyder at the Detroit Auto Show.

Governor Rick Snyder being interviewed at the Detroit Auto Show

Governor Rick Snyder being interviewed at NAIAS in Detroit

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