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Hey Detroit.. you over there reading us. Thank you!

Detroit Keep Calm and Carry On

We’re closing the chapter on a very busy 2012 and we want to take some time and thank you, our readers. For a lot of things – but this thanks is not only from the bottom of our hearts, but also from our data.

First, thanks to the person who reads us every week on their PlayStation 3. We don’t know where you are or who you are, but we see the “PlayStation 3” browser ID come up once a week. We’re glad you’re hitting the “X” button on your controller to click links and read the rest of the Detroit story. It’s awesome you’re reading.

Quilt-Like Artistic Map of Detroit Region

Artistic map of the Detroit region, findable at City Bird.

Thanks to the one-third of our audience that uses a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) to read us, too. We knew you’re a growing community so that’s part of why we redesigned the blog recently so that it’s a mobile responsive design. What does that mean? No separate mobile site. No separate annoying links. What happens is that depending on the screen size, all of our content reformats to fit whatever you’re viewing us on. We’ve seen a 5% jump in mobile traffic in a couple of weeks, so seems like it’s working.

The second most popular way people access us is through their iPhone. If you add all the iOS devices, that’s the platform most people reach us on.

Thanks, too, to all the folks who are on those news reading apps. Skygrid, Flipboard, Zite or old-school RSS. There are a few thousand of you every month.

Last but not least, our social audience. We’re honored to have more followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook than some of the big guys with big budgets, but what matters most is who those fans are. It’s amazing when you honor us with your likes on our posts, or when we post linking to other outlets or highlight the cool stuff they do.

Our mission isn’t competition, it’s collaborative. We do what we do best on our blog, which is original, constructive coverage of the Detroit region that highlights the underreported, the doers and the interesting. It also links to the rest of the media (professional and citizen journalists) who cover and debate other happenings very well.

It’s part of why we regularly highlight others with a direct link to their work right on our front page. We know how much great conversation and talent we have in Detroit and the world covering and talking about the region.

At the Hub we are just few people writing, designing and building our own stuff … blogs, videos and photos … because we think it’s important to show Detroit’s transformation. Judging by the packed coffee shop where I’m writing this post … it was a boarded up mess just a few years ago … there are a lot more ideas, developments and neighbors coming and lots to write about.

Detroit will never be and shouldn’t be Chicago, LA or New York. Hopefully, we will take some of the best ideas from other places but always be uniquely, creatively, interestingly, weirdly, lovingly Detroit.

Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus, friends.

See you in 2013.

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