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Windsor will host 2016 FINA World Swimming Championships with Detroit’s help


What better way to honor an international swim championship than by holding the event on the world’s longest water border between two countries?  With that in mind the city of Windsor beat out Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates to host of the FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) World Swimming Championships in 2016.  Detroit, Windsor constant neighbor and often partner, will be aiding them.

The FINA World Swimming Championships is a bi-annual event held over five days and includes swimmers from all contents.  The events include often record-breaking times and events often called action-filled by swimming enthusiasts.

This year’s event in Istanbul attracted a record 1,000 athletes from 162 countries.  Needless to say this almost certainly brought a fair share of income from the participants, and even more from spectators and other tourists.  Even split amongst the two cities that is quite a good boost to the respective areas 2016 economies if trends hold.

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis presented his proposal to the FINA, including the partnership with Detroit.  This may very well be why it beat out the competition.

“The fact that we’re moving forward and Detroit is going to be helping us get the region ready to welcome the world is going to be an exciting and unique aspect of the bid, and a unique and exciting aspect of our hosting the FINA world championships in 2016,” Francis said. “People that come will be able to experience this massive and significant event with one destination against the backdrop of two countries.”

Previous hosts include Rio, Hong Kong, Athens, Moscow, Indianapolis, Shanghai and Manchester and Dubai.

With such a long history inter-city cooperation, including the annual fireworks, this looks like it may be a smooth equally beneficial 2016 heading towards the two cities.

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