Trip down a lost tunnel underneath the streets of Detroit

Did you know a building in Detroit is getting a U-Haul overhaul? The old National Biscuit Co. structure in New Center is going to become a mix of storage and creative space. But, what did they find after pumping out feet of water out of the basement? A lost tunnel! And we went down it. We’re going to have more highlighting the Uhaul overhaul in Detroit over the next few weeks.

Click for more on the Detroit renovation project by U-Haul in the heart of the city along with more than 20 pictures and aerial video.


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4 comments on “Trip down a lost tunnel underneath the streets of Detroit

  1. Wow! Something like this is now "news" in what used to be a great city. Now it's newsworthy when a U Haul facility is built (to help all those folks who still haven't moved out of Detroit), and it's something from the city's glory days that makes it so. So sad… so sad.

  2. Hey Myron.. thanks for commenting. What you may not know is that this is part of the rehabilitation of a 100 year old building, with multiple stories. The UHaul portion will only be on the bottom floor(s), the rest of the structure will be for creative and other businesses. The neighborhood it is in has a 96% residential occupancy rate, with more projects happening regularly as demand is so high in the greater downtown area now. There's an article to come about that we're working on.

  3. Fantastic news clip! It's great to see these old buildings being revamped while discovering some unique secret tunnels. In my parents house we showed ALL our visitors the secret door ways in our house—-and had them crawl right along with us too.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. As a long-ago Detroit resident, who participated in the 250th anniversary celebration decades ago, I'm thrilled to see articles like this.

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