Detroit Recreation Department and Detroit Sports Zone team up to teach kids sports and life skills

It isn’t a secret that kids can get into trouble.  It also isn’t a secret that the best way to keep kids out of trouble is to focus their energy on constructive activities, preferably with adult supervision. With both of these ideas in mind and theory that kids are the future, the Detroit Recreation Department has developed a new plan.

Lasky Recreation Center

The first program is five-week basketball program, which began in the middle of October and runs until the middle of November. It is 150 strong with team members ranging between the ages of 5 and 18.  The leader is Randy Henry, who is also the head coach at Schoolcraft Community College. Henry is aided by other local coaches and volunteers.  During the course of the five-week session the kids learn not only basketball skills but also skills to aid them in their life off of the court.Detroit Sports Zone Inc. received its blessing from the mayor’s office, which says recreation is a major priority to add to the quality of the life of the city’s youth.

“Recreation is a priority in Mayor Bing’s administration, and this new program will help improve the quality of life for Detroit’s youth,” said Alicia Minter, general manager of the Detroit Recreation Department.  “We are delighted to take part in this valuable collaboration.”

The partnership seems to be going well, according to Ernest “Wag” Wagner, chairman emeritus of the Detroit Sports Zone Inc. and former Harlem Globetrotter. “The Detroit Sports Zone Inc. is pleased to join with the Detroit Recreation Department in presenting this sports and skills development program for the youth of Detroit, It is collaborations like this that will expose our young people to the discipline and focus that organized sports provide,” he says.

Reopening of Lasky Recreation Center

The Detroit Sports Zone is a newly-formed, State of Michigan non-profit organization. Its objective is to educate youth, adults and seniors about the benefits of participating in sports, cultural and performing arts activities.

The programs are at the Lasky Recreation Center at 13200 Fenelon in the Northeast Detroit.

For more information contact the Detroit Sports Zone Inc. at (313) 285-9723 or . For information about the Detroit Recreation Department’s Lasky Center call (313) 628-2030 or (313) 628-2051.

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One comment on “Detroit Recreation Department and Detroit Sports Zone team up to teach kids sports and life skills

  1. Good news!! This part of Detroit, south of E.McNichols from Conant to Mound in Zipcode 48212, needs a lift. The reopening of Lasky along with recently refurbished baseball diamonds in Jayne Field, across the street from Lasky Park, from Charles to Conant, adds to neighborhood quality of life. Hope the tennis courts next to Lasky Rec. are refurbished and reopened in the future. Now if only all the abandoned, dangerous, open-to-tresspass properties were demolished. This area in Zipcode 48212 has potential. The Zip is shared with neighboring Hamtramck which has alot of problems but continues to attract residents from all over the world. Hopefully, more people wil alsol want to move into the neighborhoods north of Hamtramck from Conant/Ryan to Mound, south of E.McNichols.

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