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Detroit’s youth learning about TV journalism in award winning program. Auditions Nov.1

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One thing that’s too often missing from the news these days is the voice of the younger generation. Many talk about the voice of the twenty somethings, but we’re talking this time about those in middle and high school. You know … the younger side of the news. That voice needs to be there. This is the group that will shape the future of Detroit, Michigan, the US and the world in this century. We need to know what they have to say and how they see our city and our world shaping up.

Youth Neighborhood News the Logan Network (YNN) is making its voice known.

This broadcast journalism education program for middle- and high-school age students isn’t brand new. It was founded three years ago by the Detroit Regional News Hub and is sponsored by Strategic Staffing Solutions, Children’s Hospital of Michigan and Cooper Standard. Now it has a partnership with Wayne State University’s Department of Communication and is based at the university’s Midtown Detroit campus.

The idea behind YNN is to teach young people the ins and outs of journalism from how to get the story to how to present it.  The main goal is to teach middle and high school aged young people a skill that will hopefully lead them on a path to a career as well as how to be better informed and to demand better information.  Of course, there is also the added bonus of highlighting things that happen in the metro-Detroit area and the positive aspects of the city.

YNN focuses on broadcast journalism and includes blogging from YNN reporters. Its news reports typically are 3 to 5 minute packages, with an emphasis on positive stories told from a younger perspective. The YNN team has covered events and programs such as Mayor of Detroit’s State of the City Address, Ann Arbor Art Fair, Detroit Regional Chamber’s Mackinac Policy Conference and Farmers’ Market at Wayne State. Reports can be found online at you may want to check our right now are interviews on the presidential election and on social network socializing on college campus.

This new partnership with Wayne is a big aide to the program. The location is a gathering point in the city, which is sure to help the news team find great stories.  Wayne is also allowing the young reporters access to its Department of Communication.  With higher education as a mentor these young people will now be even better trained than previous alumni of the program.

“When we founded the program our goal was to help these young people become objective journalists, good writers and strategic thinkers,” says Marge Sorge, executive director, Detroit Regional News Hub. “The partnership with Wayne State and its excellent Department of Communication will help take that objective to its highest level.”

And, of course with Wayne lending a helping hand and allowing a peek into the inner workings of communications, I’m sure more young people will be inspired to take up journalism or some other communications-related skill as a career path.

That would make Sam Logan, who served as publisher of the Michigan Chronicle until his death last year, very happy. YNN the Logan Network is named in his honor and his commitment to good, honest journalism and recognizing the talents of young people in Detroit.

Wayne I’m sure will be more than anxious to get them enrolled as well. Loraleigh Keashly, professor and interim chairperson, Wayne State Department of Communication, says “It’s wonderful that a partnership such as this enables Wayne State University to welcome YNN Logan Network’s students to our collegiate learning environment. Interaction with our strong journalism, broadcast journalism and media arts programs will enhance the students’ experience at YNN and inform their selection of college major and career.”

Auditions for the next class will be November 1 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Wayne’s campus at 420 Mangooian Hall.  Some of the members graduated from high school and went on to college so new ones are needed.  The goal is to keep the team at about 15 people. More audition information can be found at

So, for all you teen-folk out there, don’t just bellyache because your voice isn’t heard … try and fix it.

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