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Shinola brings new meaning to ‘Made in Detroit’

Creators of the Shinola brand originally hail from Dallas, but when looking for the American city to base their manufacturing efforts in, they found no better fit than Detroit. Replete with new partnerships around the city, they’re starting a visionary new project designing and creating watches, bicycles and leather goods.

Shinola Watch MovementWhile most watches are manufactured in Switzerland or China, Shinola will be the only company of this size and stature to make watches right here in the United States.

“Bringing that back here and being able to do 500,000 units a year I think is wildly important,” says Heath Carr, chief operations officer for Shinola. “Made in Detroit meant something. And it means something today. And we think it’s going to mean something in the future.”

Shinola is already operating and employing Detroiters inside the College for Creative Studies’ A. Alfred Taubman Center. The company had already decided to base its efforts in the city when they originally found the Taubman Building, but the connection to the school and access to design talent were hard amenities to pass up. So far, Carr calls this collaboration… and city… a good fit.

“One of the things we talked about when designing the product was designing for a community,” Carr says. “Made in America means many things to different people and it’s kind of a broad generalization, but we wanted it to be localized to the community.”

You can keep up with Shinola and browse their holiday collection at or find them on Facebook.


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3 comments on “Shinola brings new meaning to ‘Made in Detroit’

  1. I am a jeweler in Houston,TX. I am originally from Detroit. I would like to carry these watches. Who do I contact?

  2. This is GREAT news. Detroit is a great city with a lot of heart and energy. College for Creative Studies is
    filled with talent. God Bless Detroit!

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