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The film industry in Michigan may be a bit sluggish these days, but the Canadians are about to tap into that sense of cinematic frustration.  With only 48 hours to prove themselves it’s fair to assume the famous Detroit work ethic will pushed to the forefront by filmmakers from the Motor City participating in the Windsor International Film Festival’s sixth annual Forty-Eight Hour Flick Fest.

The premise of the festival is fairly self explanatory.  Those involved have two days to work on their 1-4 minute film …, from 7 p.m. on October 19 to 7 p.m. on October 21.

Participants must be registered an hour before.  After registering, the teams will be informed about the parameters their cinematic creation must exist within.  The silver screen maestros shouldn’t be too discouraged, required elements are not too stifling.  Filmmakers are only required to follow a certain theme, use a specific prop and use a specific line of dialogue in the film  … though I am sure that last part may anger some of the writers.

Once 7:00 pm on Oct. 21 rolls around all the films must be in … remember not to be one second past. The completed films will be screened at the WIFF 48 Hour Flick Fest Celebration/Screening on November 6 at The Capitol Theatre at 7pm and prizes will be awarded for best picture, director, editing, cinematography and sound/music.

You can have at max of eight people working on the film, and one of you has to be enough of a control freak to be a producer. This could be a great portfolio piece or just a ton of incredibly aggravating fun for you wannabe filmmakers. Or to put it in filmmaker speak, one of their own, Eric Boucher says, “The 48 Hour Flick Fest is a great opportunity to showcase your talents as a filmmaker in an international film festival setting. Our hope this year it to demonstrate how talented our border city region is, thus we encourage Detroiters to come and experience the rush of making a film in 48 Hours.”

So, heel-toe it down to St. Claire Centre For the Arts at 201 Riverside Drive West across the river in Windsor. We know you’ll do the Motor City proud.

Before you come out make sure to pre-register and read, print and sign all of the “Terms and Agreement” materials. It’s all available, along with more information about the Flick Fest at

You can see some past WIFF Flick Fest films here:

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