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Drink up! Tashmoo Biergarten is back at West Village

Tashmoo Biergarten in Detroit Full Of People


Practice it.

That’s the German toast you’re apt to hear in Detroit’s West Village when the Tashmoo Biergarten kicks off its fall season this weekend (October 13-14).

Last year this pop-up European-style Biergarten opened on a vacant patch of land in the West Village, served more than 7,000 people and raised funds for the Villages Community Development Corporation (CDC).

This year it will pop up for three weekends in October and feature a rotating selection of beer by Michigan brewers, local food vendors, a corn hole court and ample board games such as chess and checkers to keep patrons entertained.

“Last year’s event was so successful, that we’ve been able to return with a larger list of vendors and more partners,” said Aaron Wagner, co-founder of Tashmoo. “As a part of this year’s fun, we’ll be taking Tashmoo ‘On the Road’ to Atwater Brewery on Oct. 20, participating in the Villages Fall Festival on Oct. 27 in addition to adding Treat Dreams, Avalon Bakery and Detroit Vegan Soul as new food vendors to our roster.”

In the West Village Tashmoo is located at 1420 Van Dyke Avenue and is open from 12 – 9 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday through Oct. 28th.

This season’s dates are listed below. It will be at the Van Dyke location unless otherwise noted.

Oct. 13-14 from 12 – 9 p.m. Vendors for Oct. 13 include People’s Pierogi, Avalon, Porktown Sausage and Treat Dreams. Vendors for Oct. 14th include People’s Pierogi, Corridor Sausage and Treat Dreams.
Oct. 20-21 from 12 – 9 p.m. On Oct. 20 it will be at Atwater Brewery for Atwater Brewery’s Blocktober Fest. Vendors to be determined.
Oct. 27-28 from 12 – 9 p.m. On Oct. 27 Tashmoo will be a part of the Villages Fall Festival and Oct. 28 it will be the Tashmoo closer as well as the close of Detroit Beer Week. Vendors to be determined.

“Pop-up retail is a great way to get attention on our area and demonstrate how successful more permanent retail can be,” said Brian Hurttienne, executive director of the Villages CDC. “West Village is getting more and more interest for retail projects, and things like Tashmoo only build on that momentum.”

In case you need something to talk about while sitting at the communal tables and benches, which are made from recycled materials, here’s some trivia. Tashmoo was an early 20th century Great Lakes steam ship, and the former lead engineer lived in a house that used to be on the Biergarten lots. Tashmoo was also a former amusement park on Harsen’s Island and is an American Indian word meaning “meeting place.”

Meet up. Drink Bier. Make some new friends.

Photos by Marvin Shaouni, courtesy of Tashmoo Biergarten

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