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TextMyBus rolls out in Detroit


Screenshot of the Text My Bus service at work

Where’s my bus?

How many times have we heard that on the streets of Detroit? It has been especially hard on kids who rely on the bus system to get to school and those riding the bus to work. No more.

The city has launched a text message service called “Text My Bus” that will provide real-time arrival information for City of Detroit buses. Just text your nearest street address or intersection to “50464” and you’ll get a message back indicating nearby bus routes, the closest bus stop and the arrival time for the next bus. Good news … no app required.

The service launched on the first day of school (Sept. 4) and was working great for
kids on their way to school today. “I’ll use it! If I miss the bus, I usually start walking to school,” Brandon Rutland told Local 4. He’s a junior at Cody High School.

Not only will this app help students get to school on time, it will also keep them safer.

“Public safety is a top priority for my administration,” said Mayor Bing. “Having access to real-time transit information is vital for teenage students who rely on public transportation to get to and from school every day. The service also is an essential resource for all of our citizens as we continue our efforts to improve DDOT service and provide reliable bus transportation.”

The new text message bus alert system is an important component in Mayor Bing’s Detroit Youth Violence Prevention Initiative and Safe Routes to School efforts with DPS.

“By using their cell phones, students can now determine the best time to arrive at their bus stops, so they will not have to spend a lot of time waiting alone or standing in the cold. They also can give more reliable information to teachers, parents and employers about their expected arrival time to work, school or home,” said Police Chief Ralph L. Godbee, Jr. “From a public safety standpoint, Text My Bus will assist us in creating a safer environment for our youth.”

For the Text My Bus service, DDOT tracks buses in real-time to let riders know when the next bus will arrive at their stop. In most instances, riders will receive information on arrival times for the next two or three buses on their route. If accurate information is
unavailable, the text message will indicate the scheduled arrival time of the next bus.

The real-time bus arrival information service was developed in partnership with the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT), Detroit Public Schools (DPS), Code for America, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the White House’s Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) initiative, and Knight Foundation.

For more information on the Text My Bus service, go to the Detroit Department of Transportation web site at:

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2 comments on “TextMyBus rolls out in Detroit

  1. All I got was a return message that I used an invalid number of digits. "Please resend using 10 digit number or valid short code."

  2. To Adm. Please disregard my reply of 5 min ago. Big fingers small numbers I sent text using wrong numbers. System works great and I am excited to tell everyone I know about it.

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