Detroit Avenue of Fashion – Livernois Area Press Conference

Here’s a first Bulldog bite at the press conference on Livernois focusing on improving the Avenue of Fashion and also some other questions from reporters.

Notable “bites:”

On Livernois Development: “We’re seeing about how we can bring this area back, this is one of our demonstration areas from our Detroit Works project.”

Kim Tandy: “We’re trying to make this real presentable, back to the Avenue of Fashion we all remember.”

Mayor Bing: “One of the things that’s a misperception is that everybody thinks the city owns every lot and that’s not the case. You’ve got the state owns lots in the city, the county owns a lot of property in the city and what we’re getting ready to do is go back to them because they have the responsibility for the maintenance for those properties. So right now, we’ve got all of the data we need to hold those people responsible for the blight we’re gonna make them clean up and we’ll do our job also.”

On the topic of Belle Isle – Mayor Dave Bing: “What’s happening with Belle Isle.. they’ve been negotiating, the DEGC George Jackson has been representing the city and we have somebody from the Governor’s office representing the state. And they’ve been negotiating for the last couple of months. The Governor and I have not talked about what we’re gonna do with Belle Isle as of yet, we’re gonna let the negotiations take place the terms will be presented to us and at that point and time I think a decision will be made. I’m in favor of the state helping us with Belle Isle.”

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