Sandwiches For The Homeless

We have all come across the homeless in the city and had thoughts or passed judgment on those we see. We may think, “Why don’t they just get a job?” We may even glare and mumble, “Why are they always begging?” But, have you ever thought about finding a way to help?One Detroit businessman made a decision more than ten months ago that is impacting the lives of the less fortunate and it’s for all of the right reasons — because it needs to be done.

Every Wednesday, with his own money and taking time away from his business, Jerrold Boykin, president of Boykin Construction feeds 200-plus people a hearty lunch of a sandwich, water, chips, a piece of fruit and a dessert. At this point, according to Boykin, those in need in the area of Woodward and Peterboro have come to expect him to be there – grateful for the food, a smiling face and a word of encouragement from someone treating them with a little respect.

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