New app from Digerati is a game changer for entrepreneurs … and it’s free

I recently heard small business is responsible for 80 percent of Michigan’s employment.  If that’s the case everyone reading this Unspun blog knows someone who could benefit from an online tool that connects them to a wide variety of business support resources that can help them grow, accelerate and strengthen their business ideas.

Digerati founder and President Brian Balasia has just the thing. The Detroit-based company’s new InsYght software connects small business operators with mentors, financing sources and a wide variety of business resource services.

InsYght can be a game changer for Detroit’s small business start-ups … and it’s free, easy and quick. It’s great for folks in the “D” who are striking out on their own to create a prosperous local business that hopefully will help contribute to Detroit’s economic turnaround for years to come … and make them a few bucks along the way.

With only basic input about your idea or business and your current needs, InsYght analyzes each specific business circumstance you identify and determines the immediate business support you need. You can easily modify your needs scenario as many times as you’d like to see what other business support services might surface from InsYght’s ever-increasing database of (mostly Michigan headquartered) service providers, their business specialties and the resources they offer.

Almost 160 organization partners with the InsYght network and have incorporated the registration and log-in process on their web sites.  TechTown, Hennessey Capital and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation are a few partner organizations.

Here are just a few of the resources this app provides:

  • analytics and data
  • auditing
  • business competitors
  • staff support functions
  • consulting
  • development of products
  • services and intellectual property
  • education and training
  • equipment and materials
  • funding sources and incentives
  • guidance, database and software tools
  • manufacturing services
  • networking opportunities and organizations
  • non-product and non-service testing
  • purchasing and rental programs
  • assistance with regulatory and compliance matters
  • sales and business opportunities
  • space/facility possibilities

Detroit and Michigan leaders are committed to enhancing the business environment for entrepreneurs so our city and state become the nation’s new regional hotbed for business start-ups that rivals California’s Silicon Valley, North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park and Boston’s Route 128.  The energy needed for making Michigan and Detroit a business destination is for real and InsYght is a perfect example of hometown leadership working to make it happen.

InsYght is managed by the non-profit MORE program (Matching Opportunities and Resources for Entrepreneurs) of which Balasia is a co-founder.  The New Economy Initiative for Southeast Michigan funded the creation and operation of InsYght for Michigan small businesses. To get started with InsYght go to and complete the simple and straightforward registration.

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