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Detroit rolls out the welcome mat for the Grand Prix

The quiet tranquility of Belle Isle has risen to 120 decibels this weekend driven by the sound of raw horsepower. The Detroit Chevrolet Belle Isle Grand Prix is back and has turned out in full force.

The transformation of the island has happened rapidly with enthusiasm and gusto. Today was practice day at the Grand Prix and the weather took a turn for the worse, with rain falling for a good part of it. Even so that did not discourage nor dishearten anyone who came to the race today.

But it’s not just the cars that are looking good. Even under overcast skies, Belle Isle has been transformed with new surfaces on many of the streets and avenues and the Scott Fountain is looking amazing. In the time I’ve lived in the Detroit region, I had never seen it running until today. I hope these changes are the start of an ongoing trend.

As I was looking for interviews and setting up our coverage at the track, I saw not one sad face nor heard one negative word about Detroit. People are excited, for not only this year’s Grand Prix but for the years to come when Detroit can put itself back on the top, not only as the motor capital but the motor racing capital of the world.

Safety and security were top notch, but not oppressive. They did it right — you knew they were there, but they weren’t overbearing. The Clean Downtown crew was amongst the busiest folks on the island — what must be thousands of garbage cans and recycling barrels (for cans and bottles) seemed to never overflow and be quickly disposed of.

All around us golf carts were whizzing transporting people from destination to destination on the island. and enjoying the muddy terrain at times. In fact, a highlight of our day was the ride to and from the parking area!

One of the things we’re looking forward to covering tomorrow is the 300+ interns that Quicken Loans has enlisted to answer questions and guide folks coming to the island on various shuttles. It is clear that the welcome mat is being rolled out for one and all.We’re going to be on the island all weekend, so be sure to check out our Facebook Page for photos and interviews, and Twitter for check ins and posts — not to mention our YouTube channel where we’re going to be uploading videos.

May your throttle be full and your gearbox solid and be sure to enjoy the Grand Prix this weekend with all the spectacle and sound it has to offer.



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