Movement Frozen in Time exhibition highlights Macomb Ballet Company

While Kenny Corbin, moniker Karpov the Wrecked Train, is a photographer better known for grittier subject matter, he recently turned his lens on the Macomb Ballet Company.

Despite what one might think—that ballet photographs might come out on the gauzy and delicate side – Corbin doesn’t see his recent photographs as a departure from his previous work. “Ballet to me seems very dark and gritty in a way—the lifestyle does,” he says. “I wanted to showcase that and bring that out: the dancers’ hard work,” he explains.

Following the company through several rehearsals and performances, Corbin says he got a sense of the dedication required of dancers for their art. “I’d like the audience to get a sense the conditions that come with being a ballet dancer… the devotion of dancing almost every day,” he says. “It’s strenuous. Hopefully my photos tell that story.”

His exhibition of the ballet series, “Movement Frozen in Time,” opens on Friday, May 116pm – 11pm at the SERVICE Frontroom in Ferndale. Wine and vegan-friendly food will be provided on opening night. The exhibition will be up through May 19.

To see more of Karpov’s work, visit his Tumblr.

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