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Three couples, two planning weddings at La Dolce Vita during Restaurant Week

As you know it’s customary for the Detroit Unspun team to head out to various participating venues during Detroit Restaurant Week to give you a glimmer into our experiences and what’s going on tableside at these various eateries.

So my husband Duncan and I headed to La Dolce Vita Thursday evening for our Restaurant Week date. It was a beautiful evening and after leaving our red Mini Cooper with the valet, we headed into the restaurant. I had never been before but Duncan had and he was pretty sure I would like it. He was right.

We walked through the clay red-stained stamped concrete patio and were shown a table for two in between two other tables for two on the back wall of the restaurant outside the bar area.

Our server Michael was polite but fun as he walked us through the tasty-looking Restaurant Week menu. As we each sipped a delicious glass of perfectly chilled chardonnay — a splurge bottle to celebrate Duncan’s successful end to his semester of graduate study at Wayne State — it became evident that we were flanked by two engaged couples discussing their upcoming nuptials.

Since my husband knows no strangers we were soon in an animated discussion of the ups and downs of wedding planning.  As the old married couple we were sharing our experiences and insights as the young thirty something couple was looking at their wedding four weeks from now and wondering how many guests would really show. Meanwhile the other couple, who had been together for 20 years, was putting together their guest list and save the date for the November wedding reception that would follow their tying the knot in Windsor where same sex marriage is legal.

All in all it was a fun evening – delicious food with the person I love the most talking with two other couples in the company of the person they each love the most.  It was just the thing to touch my inner romantic on a beautiful spring evening in Detroit.  As we climbed in the car to leave, I couldn’t help but feel the restaurant was aptly named.
La Dolce Vita
17546 Woodward Ave
Detroit 48203 MI
(313) 865-0331

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