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The one, two, threes for a safe Opening Day

Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers is Thursday and it’s time to do three things. One. Get out your favorite Tiger shirt. Two. Practice the lyrics to Take Me Out To The Ball Game. Three. Make sure you know the rules for parking, drinking and buying tickets so you don’t run foul of the law and can enjoy the game.

Opening Day for the Tigers brings more than 75,000 people into Downtown Detroit. That’s a lot of extra work for the Detroit Police Department. Commander Ken Williams, who is in charge of the Central Business District, has asked the Hub to share the following information to help keep the day safe and fun.

  • Please stow your valuables out of sight. Central District officers will put Warning Tickets on the windshields of vehicles where the officer has noticed valuables inside the vehicles or on vehicles parked in vulnerable locations.  There is no fine or other punishment associated with these tickets. They are warnings that DPD hopes will educate the public and deter crime.
  • Don’t drink while walking. Keep the booze in the bars. Officers will strictly enforce open intoxicants on public streets.
  • Park in attended lots and structures. Officers will strictly enforce illegal parking in the Downtown area. A Ticket and Tow Unit will impound any vehicles parked in violation.  In addition to impounding, offending vehicles will be issued an ordinance violation.  Your best bet is to park in attended lots or parking structures.
  • Get help from an officer if begging gets out of hand. Officers will take action against aggressive panhandling/begging. The public is encouraged to contact an officer if they encounter an aggressive panhandler. Beginning 24 hours before the event, a Homeless Assistance Unit will be deployed in the district to aid homeless and vagrants with placement at suitable shelters, with medical and mental health screening when appropriate.
  • Smile for the cameras. Members from the Central District will contact property managers such as Compuware, Renaissance Center and the three casinos to make sure they are monitoring their perimeter security cameras. Open communications with these security teams are currently established and operating.
  • Buy your tickets from Comerica or a licensed shop. The DPD will have officers actively working a ticket scalpers detail as well as a merchandising detail.  The public is strongly encouraged to buy all tickets and MLB merchandise from the Comerica Park box office or a licensed merchandising shop. That’s the only true method of not purchasing fraudulent items.

If you follow these rules you won’t have to personally sing the last lines of Take Me Out To The BallgameFor it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out, at the old ball game. 

Go Tigers!!

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