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Detroit. Together. All things are possible.

The headline reflects six words that tell the story of Detroit’s future. Here they are again.

Detroit. Together. All things are possible.

That was the message and the charge Cindy Pasky, Downtown Detroit Partnership chair and founder and CEO of Strategic Staffing Solutions, left those attending the organization’s recent annual meeting.

“Detroit is a community of doers … a community that supports its businesses, people and neighbors,” she says. “That support primes the collaborative efforts that stimulate economic development and physical enhancement and augments the quality of life we need to attract new residents and businesses and keep those we have.”

Cindy Pasky

Pasky says she has lived in Detroit all her life and has never seen so much passion for change spread across all avenues. She is not alone. Others see that passion. As a recent story in National Geographic said, “Increasingly Detroiters are doing … Something’s happening in Michigan’s southeast corner. Call it a rising, a revival, a new dawn—there’s undeniable energy emanating from Detroit.”

Yes, the conversation is changing. A few years ago it was about the demise of Detroit with headlines like “Detroit in Ruin” … “The Collapse of Detroit.” Today we see headlines like “Rise and Shine Detroit” and “Innovation Hot Spots: Detroit.”

To continue that transformation Pasky challenged everyone at the meeting to work together citing how the rowing teams on the Detroit River move in perfect synchronization … in perfect harmony. “They work together,” she says. “Every seat is of equal value. They have focused communication and coordination. Misunderstandings and general chaos are gone … replaced with highly effective teamwork and action.” It’s that Rower’s Code she suggested Detroiters … both those who live in the city and those who live in its suburbs … adopt.

She also asked those attending to tell anyone and everyone who asks:

  • While Detroit has its problems, the tide is turning and opportunities are rising.
  • Detroit is a city that welcomes and needs new people.
  • Detroit is a community that supports businesses and people that have stayed in our community as well those who just arrived.
  • Detroit is a place where people and their passions can make a difference …in art, music, culture, business, philanthropy … whatever … with more significant involvement than any large metro region in nation.
  • Detroit is a place where you can realize your dreams.
  • Detroit is a community of doers.

Pasky opened the meeting in a very unique, albeit cat-in-the-hat way for a very business-like group. She read a Dr. Seuss poem … with a few changes to reflect Detroit’s transformation. So with apologies to Dr. Seuss here it is:

Do you like

Downtown Detroit?


You will like it.

You will see.

It’s a terrific place to be.

It’s safe, secure, vibrant and we

Know it’s a fun place, we guarantee.


You will like the new retail stores.

You will like their new front doors.

Campus Martius brings you fun.

Its skating rink’s outdone by none.

You will like us here or there.

You will like us everywhere.

You will like Downtown Detroit.

You will like it, Detroit you are.


Do you like

Downtown Detroit?


You will like it.

You will see.

It is a terrific place to be.

You will like to live downtown.

You’ll find it easy to get around.

We’ll keep the lights on you will see,

With the help of the city and the DEGC.


We do not like litter on our street.

We do not like anything but neat.

We will not, will not take the heat.

It’ll be picked up by our Clean Downtown fleet,

Destroy that litter! Today! Today!

Today I say!

Without delay!

Do you like

Downtown Detroit?


You will like it.

You will see.

You will like the Detroit Grand Prix.

You would, you could see the Prix

But not in your car! It’s on the Belle Isle lee.


Here we are at the DDP,

Working hard to make you see.

Downtown Detroit is the place to be.

We’re fixing buildings, adding space.

Hoping that you’ll join the race

And help our city up its pace.

So Detroit becomes the very best place


I do so like

Downtown Detroit!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Detroit we are!

Cindy Pasky picture credit: Karpov the Wrecked Train

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  1. I applaud and appreciate this message. Let's find ways to repeat the communication points and relentlessly share examples of their demonstration; not only to others, but to ourselves to transform our own thinking and increase our own "doing."

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