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Calling Detroit to action

In addressing the crowd gathered for WDET’s A Call to Action event on Wednesday, February 22, Kurt Metzger of Data Driven Detroit presented several statistics to make the case for why people need to volunteer in the city of Detroit.  Rather than just leaving people with the impression there is a lot of need, he stressed metropolitan Detroit has a lot more capacity to volunteer.

Call To Action Website Homepage Craig Fahle WDET LovelandMetzger noted that out of the 51 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, metropolitan Detroit ranks 32 in terms of number of volunteer hours.  Minneapolis, Portland and Rochester, NY are among the leading regions for the number of volunteer hours served.

It was with that backdrop that Craig Fahle, host of the Craig Fahle Show on WDET, and Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh engaged the audience gathered at the Community Arts Auditorium on Wayne State’s campus and issued the challenge to get people to pledge to serve 10,000 volunteer hours in 30 days.

Founder and Executive Director of Forward Arts, Dominic Arellano hopes with the attention focused on Detroit lately, an event like this is the spark people and businesses need to truly involve themselves in the city.

“Many of WDET’s listeners are the type that want to be active in their community and Detroit, if they aren’t already. Combined with the issue of some organizations not being able to get volunteers, their Call to Action makes for a great platform for the city and region,” he commented.

An integral part of this Call to Action is tracking the goal of 10,000 hours in 30 days, the team at LOVELAND created a website that allows people to easily find organizations and pledge the number of hours they will volunteer.

WDET General Manager J. Mikel Ellcessor closed out the meeting by challenging the approximately 400 people in attendence to do three things.  1.  Pledge hours.  2.  Follow along and watch the progress.  3.  Have three committed conversations with friends or colleagues about what they can do and ask them to give their time as well.

As Fahle acknowledged to the audience, “When you add up everyone in here, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.”

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