DetroitUnspunTV 5: Detroit Fellow, OU INCubator, DRMM, Soy Happy Candles, and more!

Episode five of DetroitUnspunTV is the last for 2011, but it packs a lot of transformational Detroit information. Natalia Petraszczuk visited with Dr. Chad Audi of the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries to talk about the work they’re doing this holiday season and throughout the year. Also, we featured Natale Ross of Soy Happy Candles, a local business that was recently featured on national television for their quality Detroit product. Matteo Passalacqua, a Detroit Fellow, told us a little bit more about how that works and the work that Detroit Fellows do to help the city. Itsy Lieberman, a senior with a fitness mission on and Fox, is the focus of our Detroit People segment. And, We talked to Amy Butler who is with the Oakland University INCubator, which is getting all kinds of Metro Detroit companies going. Enjoy the show!

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