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Thanks and wishes from the Detroit Unspun team

Photo by Karpov the Wrecked Train

Three years ago we signed on for what might have been a thankless job. Remember those automotive Congressional hearings and a country content, if not clamoring, for Detroit to just go away?

Instead our time with the Detroit Regional News Hub and its social media counterpart, Detroit Unspun, has been a blessing. Mostly because we have come to know you and the city and region we love better. And for that we are each a bit richer in spirit and more thankful.

So what better way to cap off Thanksgiving 2011 than to ask some of my fellow Detroit Unspun team members what they are thankful for and what wishes they may have for the Motor City as 2011 heads into the holidays…

Marge Sorge: I am thankful I have learned not to take things for granted in life and for my faith and family and friends who have helped me learn that lesson.

I wish Detroit reaches its full potential and that the world sees the talent, hard work, faith and
commitment its people possess as they work together to transform our region.

David Lingholm: I’m thankful for the curiosity people have about Detroit. I would much rather people ask me to talk about the city I call home rather than ask me why I live there.

And my wish for Detroit is that more people, city and suburban residents alike continue to push beyond their curiosity and become active participants in the transformation of the city. I’ve got a lot more wishes for the city but I’ll leave it at that!

Ashley Hennen: I’m thankful for my job and lovely coworkers [Aw shucks, Ash]. I couldn’t ask for a space more conducive to start my professional life in – to learn and grow. I’m grateful to have the friends in my life that I do right now. I’m thankful for my family’s overwhelming love and support. I’m ridiculously blessed.

My wish for Detroit is for the city to tell its own story, unfettered by this weird bifurcated narrative that seems to be haunting it. Connected to this, I think fixing Detroit Public Schools is essential for the city’s future… and I wish more effort would be put into that.

Vanessa Denha-Garmo: I am grateful for servant leaders who truly care about public service.

My hope for Detroit is for right decisions to be made that will help stabilize its finances and future.

Terry Sullivan: I’m thankful to realize that no matter how the tables may have turned in your life there are many, many more people that are truly worse off than you will ever be. I’m thankful too that I’m finally realizing that life is too short and to chill out and give a helping hand when you know you can.

My wish for Detroit is for it to become a normal city and quit all the dysfunction and mistrust throughout the Southeast Michigan region. Let’s make the riverfront an international travel gem, diversify the economy, and keep pulling together to make the turnaround real.

Cindy Pasky: My wish is for the children in the City of Detroit to be safe, warm, and with an adult who loves and cares for them.

What’s my own wish for Detroit? That somehow we continue to collectively embody the proud “Imported from Detroit” spirit manifested by that now iconic Chrysler Super Bowl commercial.

Finally, since a Thanksgiving holiday in Detroit is never complete without our beloved parade, I thought I’d share a few of Karpov the Wrecked Train’s (our resident and extremely talented photographer) delightful photographs from this year’s festive amble down Woodward. Enjoy!

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