Long-time collectors become Detroit’s newest purveyors

A new kind of art gallery is making its debut in Detroit. Anthony Curis and Rhonda Long-Sharp went from long-time collectors to proprietors of the Long-Sharp/Curis Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, which they opened earlier this month.

Part of the excitement over this new gallery centers around the class of artists that they will show. “These are names people will know,” Curis explains. “Picasso, Warhol, Dali, Miro, Lichtenstein, Indiana, among others.”

The gallery deals in what they call blue chip artists—those whose works are on the list of the top 100 collected of all time.

But there’s more. With the impressive body of work that will fill their walls, they’re also bringing in live, internationally renowned talent. “These are artists who, while not yet having the stature of Picasso or Warhol, are nonetheless very relevant in today’s art scene,” Curis says.

The artists they chose to bring in have often been exhibited in major museums across the world.

“They might have a significant auction history, and have likely studied under or with a modern or contemporary master,” Curis adds.

This Saturday is the grand opening of their first major exhibit, American Envy by Russell Young, who will be attending from 7-9pm. Though a British artist, he has long been intrigued by American culture. This particular work has become an exploration and exposition of the notion of the American dream. It’s particularly relevant to Detroit, Curis notes.

“Not only were we one of the first to experience this American Dream, we’ve also had to question the reality that it may not truly exist.” Although he winks at Andy Warhol (he even prints on the same silkscreens Warhol used!), Young’s work remains wholly unique.

“There’s no doubt that Russell’s work is visually appealing,” Curis points out, “but there is also a deeper meaning that depicts a story or significant moment in our history. His iconic images can be both stimulating and sometimes haunting.”

The gallery has exhibits ambitiously scheduled out through the rest of the year.
“We will feature a specific exhibit about every two months for our first year,” Curis promises. November will feature a live screen print demonstration, January will hold an important fine art photography exhibit, and a contemporary figurative painter will visit the gallery in March. For more details and upcoming announcements, check out their website.

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