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“Curbed” your enthusiasm for the best buildings in Detroit

Ever wonder about that beautiful house around the corner? What about that recently remodeled skyscraper that you drive by every day?

Metro Detroit welcomed a new member to its media family today – 11am marked the official launch of Curbed Detroit, which is a Detroit-specific site of the Curbed network that started in New York and as of today has sites devoted to the regions of New York, the Hamptons, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

Sarah Cox, the editor of the Detroit edition (and a previous contributor to this blog – see Detroit may need some razing but does not need saving”), is excited. She moved here from New York recently, but took a lot of time over the past year to get acquainted with the motor city before calling it home.

But why Curbed Detroit?

“I think that they are savvy enough in the New York media to notice the attention in Detroit, and I gave them a pretty strong pitch when I came out here and started writing about Detroit,” said Cox.

Curbed Detroit is going to have new content five days a week during the week, and is very open to suggestions. “The way that Curbed has always worked is readers are always appreciated and we love people out in the field photographing that ‘this property for sale is crazy amazing you’ve got to look into this’ … we want people to write in and tell us what’s going on.”

One of the things that sets the Curbed Detroit apart from its national counterparts is that in this city as Cox puts it “we’re telling about properties you can actually buy.” In other cities, there are many amazing spaces but they’re out of reach of the average person. In here in Detroit, Cox believes there will be more “groundedness” in the coverage because it might actually impact where and how people live.

So go ahead and stop by – they’re also on social networks on Twitter at and you can Likethem on Facebook.

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