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Vive Mobile Food Revolution – Taco Mama Detroit

It’s only fitting that a region called “The Motor City” is getting into the mobile food game big time.

Sure, you may have heard about El Guapo in Detroit, but what about the rest of the region? We bring you a tasty example from the corner of Woodward and Withington in Ferndale, usually known more for the 80s style dance club called “Boogie Fever” than Mexican food. But from 11:30 am -2:00 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, Taco Mama Detroit is in operation. The Taco Mama truck is also available for corporate or private events, and will be in operation year-round unless the coldest months of December and January make it impossible, according Hubbard.

I purchased the chicken and bean quesadillas – not only were they good, but the nice thing is they held together while walking, which is of paramount importance for street food.

Many of the areas of Metro Detroit that are thriving are urban, walkable, and connected to major arteries. The Woodward Avenue Action Association, an advocacy group, recently won a significant grant to plan “complete streets” that include walkability, bikes, transit and cars down the 27 mile Woodward corridor. Food trucks are obviously going to be a part of that mix.

“They (the City of Ferndale) were very easy-going. Every city has rules and regulations to follow but they were very welcoming and we worked together to find a location,” said Kerry Hubbard, proprietor and Taco Mama.

Ferndale’s business-friendly environment is readily apparent by some of the notable businesses that call the city home. Livio Radio and Paxahau, promoters of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (as well as other international shows such as in Torino, Italy) – as well as the famous tinkerers over at i3Detroit — have done much to spread the Detroit message around the nation and world. In short, Ferndale is no longer just a bedroom community. It is one of the innovation hotbeds for the Detroit region where it’s okay to experiment on ideas that everyone else thinks is crazy.

According to Hubbard, Ferndale, where she grew up, has gone through a lot of changes in the last 30 years. From my own observations over the past couple of years, the place has exploded as a haven for all kinds of folks from the funky to the family-oriented and everything in-between. Nine Mile is almost always packed with traffic and the Rust Belt market has been a unique way to transform what was once an empty storefront into something transformational to its neighbors by asking the question, “do you ever wish existed offline?”

On her @TacoMamaDetroit Twitter account, she recently tweeted “The food revolution is JUST beginning in Motown.” Well, if there’s a revolution going on, load me up with food and let’s go to battle.. If I don’t eat all of my new-found “weaponry” first.

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