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Donated crew truck helps Clean Downtown keep Detroit green as well as clean


Have you ever driven or walked through Downtown Detroit and noticed the beautiful planting and nicely maintained expanses of green? Most likely you are seeing the results of a wonderful collaboration between Downtown Detroit Partnership’s Clean Downtown program, some committed commercial landscapers and Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit.

Recently the landscaping crew truck used in these Downtown beautification efforts was donated to Clean Downtown by the Brickman Group and its local Michigan partner Torre & Bruglio.  This truck has been loaned for the last several years by Brickman and Torre & Bruglio to help Clean Downtown and Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit to train workers in landscape management while helping make Downtown Detroit a more beautiful place to live, work and play.

According to Dave Blaszkiewicz, president of the Downtown Detroit Partnership, which administers Clean Downtown, “Keeping Downtown looking its best is a team sport and we’ve had the best team working with Brickman, Torre & Bruglio and Goodwill in our efforts to keep Downtown Detroit looking cleaner and greener while helping workers obtain valuable job skills.”

The landscaping crew truck is a welcome and permanent addition to the Clean Downtown fleet of trucks seen in and around Downtown Detroit keeping things picked up and clean. It provides much needed transportation to the workers in the Goodwill landscape management program.  This collaborative effort has resulted in newly trained workers and the lovely landscaping that has made Downtown’s landscape pop with color and green ways.

In addition to providing the truck, Brickman and Torre & Bruglio have generously shared their expertise and helped train workers by giving them a much needed and valued skills set.

“The company of Torre & Bruglio and Brickman has played a significant role in helping Detroit’s disadvantaged find their way back into employment and personal dignity,” said Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit Vice President Lindsay Chalmers.  “They have for many years partnered with Goodwill to assist with teaching of new skill sets surrounding landscape maintenance and the gift of this truck is but one more example of their level of caring.”

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