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A car show with a cause

As I surveyed the bevy of beautiful cars before us at the media preview, I couldn’t help but ask myself the question, “What if I couldn’t see them?”

This, after all, has been a car show with a cause for the last 24 years. EyesOn Design benefits The Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology (DIO), which is leading the way in supporting cutting-edge research to help those who are visually impaired, from their “Eyes and the Chip” program to so much more.

And the cool thing? It’s your turn to support them and see 200 of the most beautiful vehicles ever made. This public show of carefully selected invitation-only cars has a lot to offer this Father’s Day.

“Come out early enough so you can see the whole show,” says Frank Valdez, this year’s chairman.

The theme is “Future Forward,” where all of the showcase pieces were future designs. at one point.

“What we’re interested in is what the designer had in mind when he created the sculptural entity,” said Dr. Philip Hessburg, Founder and President of the DIO.

Mr. Valdez also revealed a whole list of interesting categories. For instance, there’s a “stock to rock” class where there will be, side by side, vehicles that are in stock condition and next to it a car that’s tricked out. Perhaps the independents are more your speed, such as vehicles made by American Motors.

There also will be a unique round of judging. Blind judges wearing white gloves will “feel” which cars are the best under their expert touch. How awesome is that?

So this Sunday, treat your dad to one of the best car shows in an amazing setting at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House. Tickets are only $20 and the money goes to a great cause. Here’s how you get your tickets (or you can get them at the door):

We’d be remiss if we didn’t leave you with what caught the eye of our crew. Not the Packard (as beautiful as it was) and not the sleek, LeMans-like lines of the Bugatti. Nope, it was the rare, red Ford Offset 451 Workhorse Tractor (remember, most Ford Tractors were blue and grey except for just a couple of years). The 2010 Autorama category winner shined in the sun, and we just had to talk to the owner, Jon Olson.

You can check out that video below:

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