Detroit is the city of the Doer

Whether it’s making things, igniting ideas or growing opportunities, over the past two years the Detroit Regional News Hub has been proud to share the rest of the story of the D. And, we also have been extremely humbled by the popular response we’ve gotten from our blog, our Twitter, and our Facebook. We thank each and every one of you for your help and support.

One thing we know is Detroit is nothing without the power of its people. From Downtown to Rosedale Park to Royal Oak to Southfield to Macomb to Livonia, our region’s people are the future of this region. These are the people who are transforming it in countless ways.

One of our primary focus areas is to make sure that journalists from around the country hear these stories of transformation, triumph and hope from Detroit. And, while we enjoy creating our own content and interacting with people through social media, we are focused on making sure journalists who are curious have the opportunity to learn the who, what and why of Detroit. Not to ignore the challenges – they are real – but to put them in context as part of a greater story.

Starting next week, we will be hosting approximately 50 journalists and bloggers on a three-day tour. They will be touring the city’s east side, Midtown and Southwest Detroit. They will be introduced to the entrepreneurs, students, artists, musicians and politicians who are actively involved in transforming Detroit.

Considering who has confirmed coming, the nation’s eyes are on Detroit during this time. And we encourage you to participate as well, and share those stories. We’ll be live tweeting (and so will the media) June 20, 21, and 22.

Because of its real-time nature, Twitter is the natural platform to participate. Follow and contribute on the hashtag #TransformD or check back on the blog for a daily wrap-up of events. You can even click on this link and follow the conversation without needing to sign up for an account.

This won’t end when the last suitcase is packed and reporters go back home, though. Going forward, you will notice that we will be using the #TransformD hashtag on a regular basis and we encourage you to as well. It is our way of making sure the doers of our region get the recognition they deserve.


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