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Electronic music moves Detroit

Lest you think Detroit is no longer a hub of electronic music, a quick chat with Michael Geiger should ease your fears.

When Geiger steps on stage at Movement Electric Music Festival on Saturday, he will be walking on familiar ground.  He performed the second year of the festival and has been invited back seven times since. Ten years later he is still humbled to be performing for the festival crowd.

“It’s an honor to be asked, there are a ton of artists who want to be a part of it,” he said.  “It’s a no-brainer to play if you are asked.”

One of the reasons it has become a no-brainer is the exposure a DJ like him gets from at the festival. Geiger says people come  to hear a specific performer and stumble on other artists.  People who never heard of him before might just walk away as his newest, biggest fan.  And when Hart Plaza is full, it exposes more people to a DJ’s music than any nightclub.

“Whatever you think Detroit’s position is currently in music, it still holds a place in people’s hearts,” he said. “Detroit offers an authenticity no other place in the country can offer.  The lineup here is much more authentic, not as concerned with mass appeal.”

Those are just some of the reasons he feels Movement is great for the city and its music scene.  He also noted fans of all forms of electronic music make the pilgrimage to Detroit to check out the legendary spaces they’ve heard about like Submerge Records or the Motown Museum.

So what can you expect from Geiger this year as he takes to the Made in Detroit stage? While he still works on honing his craft, his focus is squarely on playing great music.

Sounds like Geiger, who is also a formally trained culinarian, is ready to cook up a melodious meal for anyone passing by his stage during the 36 hour Movement Electric Music Festival party at Hart Plaza. He’s one of almost 100 artists performing on four stages in downtown Detroit.

The festival runs through May 28-30.

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