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A Father’s Day treat and tradition: The EyesOn Design Car Show at the Ford House

Wondering what to get dad for Father’s Day? How about spending some quality time with him at the 24th annual EyesOn Design Car Show?

Our family of car buffs loves it. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend quality family time among rare, quality automobiles and the bonus is that it’s all for a great cause – the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology with its mission to help those with visual impairments.

Twenty-four years ago, the then titled event Eyes On the Classics began with the support of the Detroit Three design vice presidents, Chuck Jordan of General Motors, Jack Telnack of Ford, and Tom Gale of Chrysler with the unique premise that cars be judged based on their designs instead of the quality of their preservation.

It has evolved into one of the premier automotive events in America and is a celebration of the best in automotive design – past, present and future.  Each year 200 to 300 vehicles are specifically invited to participate in the show, based on the year’s chosen theme.  This year it’s avant-garde designs.

Unlike other shows where cars are judged on restoration and or authenticity, the exterior of each vehicle at EyesOn Design is judged using professional design criteria: emotional appeal, execution, artistic excellence, and design character and continuity.

Additionally, a vehicle’s interior design is also carefully evaluated. Judging criteria include appearance, functionality, use of color and materials, and compatibility with the vehicle’s exterior.

The judges for the show are individual automotive designers and/or teams of active and retired exterior and interior designers from leading automotive and supplier companies.  Driven by a passion for automotive design, these distinguished men and women are driven by an appreciation and eye for great automotive design. Each year they generously volunteer their services to EyesOn Design.  Click here for great photos from past shows.

That said, my favorite part of the show is the judging done by the visually impaired panel of judges. They give the “white glove test” a whole new meaning as they “see” the cars with their hands to determine what designs feel the coolest to them.

But don’t take my word for it. Grab dad and the rest of the family and drive on down to the beautiful grounds of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house in Grosse Pointe Shores and see some of the coolest designed cars for yourself.  It will be a Father’s Day to remember.  Find out more at the event website

Hope to see you there on Sunday, June 19th.

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