Detroit’s Pockets of Cool

By Joan Abraham, President of Pockets of Cool Detroit

I moved back to Detroit from New York three years ago and was shocked that many of my friends thought I’d moved to a veritable wasteland. I must say that even I was surprised to learn how rich Detroit is with culture, inspiration and great talent. The energy is endless and always challenging.

I was continually introduced to the inner Detroit Cool … sometimes underground in the cafes and the lofts … sometimes as big as life like our Detroit Institute of Art, the Guardian Building, Detroit Symphony Hall and the RiverWalk.

Vince Paul – Pockets of Cool #1 from Pockets of Cool on Vimeo.

The Detroit that natives love, share and thrive in is a story that had to be told. Our heritage is one of design and technical leadership and on this platform we hold our own on an international stage. This foundation, generated by the mighty auto industry, has laid the groundwork for world class art, culture, science and technology. Our infrastructure feeds innovation. From our diverse backgrounds and the multitude of cultures that make Detroit so dimensional comes a very unique rhythm … so many “pockets of cool.”

Our Pockets of Cool initiative uses video stories, called vidbits, to tell the story of the pockets of people and places that make Detroit unique and personalize how Detroiters see the city … with pride of place. These are the people that feed our passions with great style.

Pockets of Cool will tell their stories by showcasing the dimension of the city on our website and telling Detroit’s story through the eyes of people who are making a difference in its transformation. We’re doing this through online videos and offline networks with our media partner Fox TV to reach a national audience.

We’re hoping Pockets of Cool is a tipping point that makes the world sit up and say, “Wow, now that’s cool!” Because I promise you it is!

Kerry Doman – Pockets of Cool #5 from Pockets of Cool on Vimeo.

Despite what you hear over some airwaves, Detroit is a place to “fall in love with”. The vibe and the energy will knock you out and our music pervades our culture. We are lucky to have a nucleus of people who have been passionate about fixing our city and restoring the strength, glamour and the leadership capabilities Detroit counts as part of its storied past and is seeing come to life again.

Pockets of Cool is the connector for us to share all of Detroit Cool. Sign up on our site and stay plugged into the stories that showcase the character of our city. It’s a city you’ll fall in love with.

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  1. I just left NYC after 16 yrs to move to Detroit. I went to HS in Findlay oh and used to visit Detroit a lot. Sooo excited to be in a city that I think kicks NYC's ass!! :))

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