Need a massage? Head down to Corktown

Hannah Lewis, a licensed massage therapist and Corktown resident, recently moved her business from Royal Oak to her own neighborhood.

Located right off Spruce and Vermont, Detroit Massage and Wellness is in a rather unassuming building. She is, for the moment, sharing space with the soon-opening Detroit Hostel and Lewis seems very happy with the transition. “It’s much more peaceful here,” she says.

“Peaceful” was all I could think after my session, too.

It fits well in a neighborhood whose residents have started investing so much in community development and healthy living. The Soup at Spalding Court, new gym, and many food entrepreneurs make good neighbors. “So often I would meet someone around the neighborhood and we’d both have to drive out and meet in Royal Oak for the session,” she explains. “It’s much easier now. I’ve been able to lower prices because my commute costs were basically cut.”

She offers a range of services at her salon. Standards include deep tissue, Swedish, and hot stone, but she also caters to more specific needs. Incorporating acupressure and reflexology techniques, she has sessions for sinus or allergy issues, pre/post natal mothers, and a lymphatic therapy for edema and injuries. You fill out a short form at your first session so she can address your issues specifically.

Hannah is one of those people where you can immediately tell they enjoy their work. It’s in her demeanor when you first meet her, but I was delighted to find the post card she sent a few days later, thanking me for the session I booked. I’ll definitely be back.

So, really, all I see are wins from here on out. You get a really relaxing massage: win. Miss Lewis gets to keep on working the job she loves: win. You support Detroit’s revitalization through it’s small business and community development: win, win.

Now go book your massage!

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