The scene on Mack

This is the first in an ongoing series of blogs I will write, sharing my discoveries as I make my way to and from work along Mack Avenue.

It’s quite a scene and it has fascinated me for the past two years.  There are scenes of faith and hope as evidenced by the 36 churches I have counted from the Detroit border at Alter and Mack to the corner of Russell and Mack where I turn to get to our loft in Eastern Market.

What’s the story behind the cool former small industrial building that has been renovated into someone’s home?  I make up scenes in my head as I pass by, which usually involve a reclusive artist creating masterpieces behind the wrought iron fence and garden.

There are clearly fish to fry along Mack too, with several fish shops along the way including the freshly painted Off the Hook. It looks so cheery and inviting, I plan to stop by in the near future and find out what’s up behind the counter, and pick up dinner too.

One scene I will definitely blog about is the story behind Black Bottom Cuts barber shop. It’s just a few buildings down from Mack on Chene.  To me, the well-kept brightly painted shop, wedged between two down on their luck dilapidated buildings, is symbolic of scenes found all over Detroit.

There are plenty more scenes and stories to be found – the Detroit Public Schools bus yard, the city’s only community development bank, the group of people who gather regularly on lawn chairs and pass around a giant stuffed white tiger, the sad memorial lamppost festooned with stuffed animals placed in memory of a 17 year-old shot to death last spring that I pass, just as I head over the over pass toward Conner on my way home.

I hope you will find my treks along Mack and the scenes I discover as fascinating, poignant and inspiring as I do.

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