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A Winter Blast of Detroit fun

Mid-winter in this city, for many, conjures images of trudging through snow and pining for spring.

Not for all, though. The Detroit Winter Blast is back this year bigger and better than ever, with a fun lineup of events for attendees of all ages. Not only will there be the return of the famous 28-foot tall snow slide, but a second slide called the Arctic Blast.

Free skating, showshoeing, the Snowmad Racing Sled Dogs, ice sculptures, a kids zone will all keep you entertained for the donation of a book or non-perishable food item (also you can do a $1 admission fee which goes to Matrix Human Services).. but if that’s still not enough for your money here’s a few additional events that you might want to check out.

First of note is that there will be a run made at a Guiness World Record… for the world’s biggest hug. Even if you’re not a hugger, one can’t help but want to set a record for the D. Inside Detroit, a Detroit tour and advocacy organization, is putting it together. If you want to get involved, it’s on Saturday at 8pm at Compuware.

On the social media side, on Saturday there is a #warmup (yes, I used a Twitter hashtag) from Blue Cross/Blue Shield and the Detroit Medical Center. It runs from 3-3:30pm and will have prizes and a health-savvy quiz game. These organizations are going for a Foursquare “Swarm” badge, which means over 50 checkins on the social networking/location service. But the benefit is, of course, that if you check in, you get one too!

And what Detroit event would be complete without music? In the evenings, starting at 9pm, the Movement Paxahou Electronic Music
Festival presents artists Jenna Brown, Yos, Shawn Michaels and Keith Kemp.

So there you go… it’s going to be one heck of a Winter Blast! For more information, check out their site.

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