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Detroit’s ready when you are

Are you flying Delta this month? I sure hope so.

If you do, check out the Delta Sky magazine in the seat pocket in front of you. You’ll find a 42-page special section on Detroit that starts out “From Motown roots to automotive expertise, Detroit has helped move America forward for over a century.”  It’s a great opportunity for you and the estimated 1.3 million people flying Delta Airlines in February to read stories about the Detroit region’s revitalization.

If you’re not taking to the skies you can download a PDF of the Profile: Detroit section here or view the entire  February issue by clicking here.

You’ll read about Detroit’s people, arts, businesses, sports teams, entertainment, music, universities, architecture and more. It’s all about the transformation momentum our region is experiencing as it embraces and supports entrepreneurs, embraces its waterways and position as a transportation hub and diversifies its industries while looking with confidence at the auto industries revival.

You’ll find out how playing for the Pistons helped prepare Dave Bing for his role as Mayor of Detroit …Jeff Daniels’ favorite places to eat in Detroit …that Lion’s defense tackle Ndamukong Suh says Detroit is unlike any other place he knows. It really embraces its athletes and itself and its surroundings. There’s a real sense of pride

Detroit native and host of the hit TV show Judge Greg Mathis talks about his favorite place to eat … Flood’s Bar and Grille in downtown Detroit. He’s been going there for 25 years. It’s where a lot of the professionals and political types hang out after work.

Cindy Pasky, chair of the Downtown Detroit Partnership and president of Strategic Staffing Solutions (and the Hub’s board chair) talks about how Detroit’s grittiness makes us unique and how good we can be at removing the barriers and sharpening the pencils.

It’s fitting these stories should appear in the Delta magazine. Two of its past slogan’s could be used for Detroit.

“We’re ready when you are” and the “Cities (airlines) are the same; only people make the difference.”

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