Detroit works – the comeback city!

I’ve lived and worked in the Metro Detroit area since the mid-70s and have seen numerous scandals come and go. And  in the months ahead we will be watching the difficult but positive change necessary to end an era of cultural corruption that at times seemed to be pervasive throughout the area.  In other words, there truly is light at the end of the tunnel and we are experiencing the beginning of Detroit’s comeback.

It’s not going to be easy, but the stars seem to be starting to align and life as we knew it is being addressed by community leaders and elected officials that really do give a damn about all of us.  And for the first time in my adult life it actually feels like better days are ahead for the City of Detroit and that people are working together to take control of their destiny to build a city we all can enjoy.

From my perspective, the good news about the bad news to be replayed by local media is that it will bring significant change and positive energy throughout the area for people to join together and fight to make Detroit a place to enjoy, visit and experience for its vibrant social and cultural diversity.  That change is starting to happen today in many small corners of the city and the region as we start a new year with significant cultural, social and economic challenges.  But the old, corrupt Detroit we’ve see on local TV and read about in the local papers doesn’t exist anymore and isn’t getting top billing in the national news like it had in the not too distant past.  And that is another positive sign for our collective future.

Heck, I spent some of my Christmas holiday visiting family and friends in a semi-warm climate in one of the country’s premier vacation cities and I saw or heard nothing negative on national or local news about the Big D.  And guess what, the local news there covered at least a half dozen different local murder stories and more than a fair number of snow-bound street stories in the Big Apple.  In fact, the only coverage I saw or heard about Detroit while in Southern Florida was about a new reality TV show for a local pawn shop.  And, oh yea – the local football fans down here are really upset about losing to the Lions – who are finally showing signs of competitiveness.  Can you believe it—Detroit’s Lions are making a run at competitiveness and bad news about Detroit isn’t on the radar of the local Florida media!

And I’ll bet that my holiday travel experience isn’t unique — how many others reading this post traveled  for the holidays, visited family and friends and didn’t come across negative news about Detroit?  Please drop a quick note in the comments and share your experience.  Being under the news radar is not a bad thing for Detroit.  It tells me we are getting a little bit of a breather to do what is necessary to prove to our critics that Detroit Works and that we can make a difference and make Detroit a Comeback City to be proud of once again.

So, let’s not blow this once in a lifetime chance and pitch in to make Detroit a better place.  Like the lyrics from Michael Jackson’s song   “If you want to make, the world a better place, take a look at yourself, then make the change!

Let’s work together in the new year to help make positive change for Detroit’s comeback.

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  1. I Detroit it really has a lot to offer. I don't live there, but I have relatives there. I visit there about once a year. There are some very interesting spots – I love the Motown Museum. I go almost every year and always learn something new. There's an underground railroad type experience that's very thought provoking. This past June I enjoyed concerts during River Days. I wish I had the money to buy a house there. I think now would be a great time because I believe that because of the changes that are in progress, property values will go up. A great time for an investment.

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