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Why should we have a good mood in Detroit? Talking with Detroit Moxie’s Becks Davis

Let’s face it – Detroit has a perception problem when it comes to being happy. One person interviewed said to a reporter earlier this year, “What did you do to get your editor to send you to Detroit?” But there’s also the reality is there’s a lot of reasons to be happy and be in a good mood about Detroit, despite the challenges.

Vote for MeA lot of good people are working very hard to make it happen here. From the shopkeeper to the artist to the educator to the entrepreneur and everywhere in between, our region is turning around person by person.

Becks came back to Detroit after living in the Chicago area, and she says, “The people of Detroit inspire me. There are so many individuals and groups who are doing remarkable things to make Detroit a better place. We’re gritty and we work hard. Just look at the motto of Detroit: ‘We hope for better things; it will rise from the ashes.’ Pretty positive stuff right there!”

She’s carrying that positivity into vying for a national position as a “Good Mood” blogger representing Sam-E Complete, a nutrition company. It’s the story of the motor city that helped inspire her.

“The rest of the country seems to think that we’re all miserable here in Detroit and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.” Becks continues on, “Yes, we’re going through some tough times but many of us are making it work, finding new paths, and staying upbeat and happy.”

It’s true here that one person’s perceived blight is another’s window of opportunity… a chance to turn a new leaf, and create something. And Becks, who says the Good Mood Gig will not only help her skills (although she’s written some great posts that any Detroiter or tourist needs to see, including “40 Things To Do in Detroit Before You Die”), but also give a chance to show people that in any situation, there’s positivity that is possible. You just have to be open to it.

You can help one of our region’s own Becks Davis land this gig by giving her a vote here.

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