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Who’s helping Detroit? The News Hub wants to know!

There’s lots of news and information out there about Detroit’s state of affairs and the city’s importance to Michigan and our region’s economic recovery.

No doubt about it.

So what are you doing to help the recovery?  I mean, seriously, do you care enough about what’s going on to actually do something? Or are you standing on the sidelines and hoping to ride out the storm?

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By reading this post, we gotta assume you’re interested in the future of our region.. and that’s great!

How about helping the Detroit Regional News Hub get the word out about how you or others you know are making a positive impact on the city?

It only takes one person pointing out something encouraging to motivate others to act in the same way.

We’d like you to share a real story with us so we can show others there are many reasons to feel good about Detroit, especially as we collectively try to climb out of our rather deep economic hole.

Think simple.

Don’t feel that your example has to be so emotionally charged that it brings tears to readers’ eyes or a lump to one’s throat. What we ARE interested in hearing what everyday folks across the region are doing in their own neighborhoods that might help others feel better about the city and the state.
We’re not just looking for stories about financial support to needy people, although that’s OK, especially if it’s something unique like what Stacy Fox did recently.  Fox convinced the judge overseeing the bankruptcy case of automotive supplier Collins & Aikman to allow money held in the supplier’s charitable foundation be used to help homeless Detroiters find housing, jobs and receive other assistance.

Your story could be as straightforward as telling us how you (or someone you know) shop for Michigan-made products as a way to help jump-start local businesses, or how you’ve spread the word of your favorite Michigan-made products and those of your friends and relatives.

Or maybe you own a portfolio of stocks from select Michigan-based corporations and you couldn’t pass on the recent opportunity to get involved in the Initial Public Offering of stock by the new General Motors Corp.

And, by the way, we hope you’ll share with us which Michigan stocks have proven to be a good investment so your neighbors can benefit from your experience.
We’re certain there are numerous heart-warming stories about volunteerism and what these nactions mean to the health of the region.

It is said that no idea is original and that learning from others is the quickest and one of the best ways to learn. So thank you for sharing a story in the comments below about help for your neighbors and our communities. At the Detroit Regional News Hub we believe Detroit has a success story that all of us want to be a part of.

Your story can help us to get a dialog going on why we can be proud of Detroit and the region.

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3 comments on “Who’s helping Detroit? The News Hub wants to know!

  1. I'm not really sure where you want the stories, or in my case a list (no time for stories today), but here is mine:
    Volunteer with Detroit Mower Gang
    Volunteer with Hostel Detroit
    Work in the city at a Community Mental Health agency
    Frequent businesses and recreational activities in the city with my family
    Spread the word to all I encounter about the positive things happening in the D!

  2. Thanks Phoenix — when you get some time maybe you can expand a little on each of the organizations you're helping; talk a little about what you do and why or what some of the other volunteers are doing to help. Tell us about the businesses you, your family and friends frequent and why — and what do you consider positive things happening in Detroit.

    And keep spreading the word!

    Thank you for your comment.

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